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5 Centimeters Per SecondMovie0.10N/A0N/A0N/A0NoYesSub7.73Partially Reviewed
A.I.C.O.: IncarnationSeries1.911.5042.1740.501NoNoDub6.63Complete
A Certain Magical IndexSeries2.692.5452.0851.083NoYesDub7.44Complete
A Certain Magical Index IISeries2.252.1741.6741.253NoYesDub7.62Complete
A Certain Magical Index the Movie: The Miracle of EndymionMovie2.25N/A5N/A3N/A1NoYesDub7.50
A Certain Scientific RailgunSeries3.852.2151.2950.583YesYesDub7.72Complete
A Certain Scientific Railgun SSeries2.542.4251.8350.583NoNoDub8.06Complete
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA)Series0.470.0000.0001.303NoYesDub7.70Complete
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 2nd SeasonSeries0.480.0000.0001.503NoYesDub7.80Complete
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 3rd SeasonSeries0.680.0000.1011.403NoYesDub7.94Complete
Aggretsuko: We Wish You a Metal ChristmasMovie0.25N/A0N/A0N/A1NoYesDub7.28
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime: Nandemonai Takaramono, Kono PageMovie0.00N/A0N/A0N/A0NoNoSub7.71
Alderamin on the SkySeries2.160.6233.3851.153NoNoSub7.73Complete
Ange ViergeSeries1.474.0041.3320.000NoNoSub6.03Partially Reviewed
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu: 365-nichi no JikanMovie1.40N/A1N/A3N/A2NoYesDub7.36
A Silent VoiceMovie1.90N/A1N/A1N/A1YesNoDub9.00
Assassination ClassroomSeries1.870.5940.9121.824NoYesSub8.12Complete
Assassination Classroom Second SeasonSeries1.840.3630.9231.444NoYesSub8.54Complete
Back Street Girls: GokudollsSeries1.933.0041.0014.505NoNoDub6.93Partially Reviewed
Beck: Mongolian Chop SquadSeries1.570.5020.5422.315NoYesSub8.31Complete
Big Fish & BegoniaMovie1.85N/A4N/A3N/A0NoYesSub7.58
Black Blood BrothersSeries2.170.5833.5041.254NoYesSub7.14Complete
Black CloverSeries3.631.3041.6750.653YesYesSub7.38Partially Reviewed
Blood Blockade BattlefrontSeries2.310.3334.0051.923NoYesSub7.65Complete
Blood Blockade Battlefront & BeyondSeries2.450.5043.0051.423NoYesSub7.88Complete
Bodacious Space PiratesSeries1.911.4640.5840.081NoYesDub7.17Complete
Boku no Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes:RisingMovie1.55N/A1N/A3N/A3NoYesSub8.09
Boruto: Naruto Next GenerationsSeries3.060.0330.9341.293YesNoSub/
5.81Partially Reviewed
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility ControlSeries2.450.4551.3651.093NoNoSub7.25Complete
Castle in the SkyMovie0.25N/A0N/A1N/A0NoNoDub8.31
Cells at Work!Series1.530.0813.0841.383NoNoSub7.65Complete
Cells at Work SpecialMovie1.45N/A0N/A4N/A3NoNoSub7.29
Chi's New AddressSeries0.000.0000.0000.000NoNoSub7.75Complete
Chi's Sweet HomeSeries0.000.0000.0000.000NoNoSub7.71Complete
ChobitsSeries1.332.6740.0002.003NoNoSub7.43Partially Reviewed
ClannadSeries0.560.4010.8010.000NoYesSub8.07Partially Reviewed
Cowboy BebopSeries2.282.0052.0031.503NoYesSub8.78Partially Reviewed
Dances with the DragonsSeries2.051.3842.7540.882NoNoSub5.82Partially Reviewed
Death March to the Parallel World RhapsodySeries1.531.4241.0020.081NoYesSub6.54Complete
Death NoteSeries2.010.3241.1140.733NoNoSub8.63Complete
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no YaibaSeries2.030.1224.3552.083NoNoSub8.63Complete
Dragon BallSeries2.570.9551.4850.973NoYesSub8.01Complete
Dragon Ball SuperSeries1.770.1721.1350.143NoNoSub7.42Partially Reviewed
Dragon Ball Super: BrolyMovie1.45N/A1N/A3N/A3NoNoDub8.10
Dragon Ball Z: Bio-BrolyMovie1.90N/A4N/A3N/A1NoNoDub5.91
Dragon Ball Z: Bojack UnboundMovie2.15N/A3N/A5N/A1NoNoDub7.12
Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second ComingMovie1.90N/A4N/A3N/A1NoNoDub6.82
Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's RevengeMovie1.15N/A1N/A3N/A1NoNoDub7.06
Dragon Ball Z: Lord SlugMovie1.25N/A1N/A4N/A0NoNoDub6.60
Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!Movie2.15N/A3N/A5N/A1NoNoDub6.89
Dragon Ball Z: The Return of CoolerMovie0.50N/A0N/A2N/A0NoNoDub6.84
Dragon Ball Z: The World's StrongestMovie1.15N/A1N/A3N/A1NoNoDub6.65
Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the DragonMovie0.75N/A0N/A3N/A0NoNoDub7.34
Dragon Ball Z Special 1: Bardock, The Father of GokuMovie2.25N/A5N/A4N/A0NoNoDub7.57
Eureka SevenSeries3.831.2452.0650.383YesYesSub/
Eureka Seven - good night, sleep tight, young loversMovie2.45N/A5N/A3N/A3NoNoDub7.16
Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) AloneMovie2.50N/A5N/A4N/A1NoYesDub8.07
Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?Movie0.80N/A1N/A0N/A3NoYesSub6.12
Flavors of YouthSeries2.220.0001.3340.000YesYesSub7.17Complete
FLCL AlternativeSeries1.642.6741.0011.173NoYesDub6.58
FLCL ProgressiveSeries2.462.8342.3352.003NoNoDub6.42
From Up on Poppy HillMovie0.00N/A0N/A0N/A0NoNoDub7.85
Fruits Basket 1st SeasonSeries1.210.2020.9221.003NoNoSub8.20Complete
Fruits Basket 2nd SeasonSeries1.620.3630.6831.443NoNoSub
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Movie - Conqueror of ShamballaMovie2.10N/A3N/A5N/A0NoYesSub7.57
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of MilosMovie1.40N/A0N/A5N/A1NoNoDub7.32
Future Boy ConanSeries0.930.0000.9221.773NoYesSub8.09Complete
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku TatakaeriSeries2.112.0842.1750.000NoYesSub7.74Complete
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd SeasonSeries3.462.4251.6740.171YesYesSub7.77Complete
Genocidal OrganMovie3.35N/A5N/A5N/A5NoYesDub7.17
Ghost in the ShellMovie3.25N/A5N/A5N/A5NoNoDub8.30
Goblin SlayerSeries3.654.0044.0042.003YesNoSub7.47Partially Reviewed
Godzilla: City on the Edge of BattleMovie1.30N/A0N/A4N/A2NoNoDub6.69
Godzilla: Planet of the MonstersMovie1.30N/A0N/A4N/A2NoNoDub6.53
Golden KamuySeries3.962.1054.5051.603YesNoSub7.83Partially Reviewed
Granblue Fantasy The AnimationSeries1.840.6931.0841.083NoNoSub6.70Complete
Granblue Fantasy The Animation: Kabocha no LanternMovie0.25N/A0N/A1N/A0NoNoSub6.65
Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 2Series1.230.9221.0020.623NoNoSub6.78Unknown
Grave of the FirefliesMovie2.75N/A2N/A4N/A0YesNoDub8.51
Grimgar: Ashes and IllusionsSeries2.000.9242.1731.003NoYesSub7.69Complete
Gurren LagannSeries3.932.4452.4442.744YesYesDub8.66Complete
Haven't You Heard? I'm SakamotoSeries1.101.6730.2510.171NoYesDub7.60Complete
Hero TalesSeries1.080.5011.5021.503NoNoSub6.86Partially Reviewed
Hikaru no GoSeries0.000.0000.0000.000NoNoSub8.11Complete
Hitori no Shita - The OutcastSeries3.121.4241.6740.251YesNoSub6.78Complete
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 2Series1.940.6341.7540.421NoYesSub7.41Complete
Hotarubi no Mori eMovie0.25N/A1N/A0N/A0NoNoSub8.38
Howl's Moving CastleMovie0.50N/A0N/A1N/A1NoYesDub8.67
Hunter x Hunter (2011)Series3.850.3652.3951.263YesYesSub9.10Complete
Hyouka: Motsubeki Mono waMovie0.75N/A3N/A0N/A0NoNoDub7.37
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is SayingSeries1.692.5450.0001.234NoYesSub7.38Complete
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying: 2nd ThreadSeries1.651.0040.3111.774NoYesSub7.39Complete
Isekai Cheat MagicianSeries2.004.0043.0031.001NoYesSub5.38Partially Reviewed
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)Series2.570.6244.5452.273NoYesDub8.07Complete
Jyu-Oh-Sei: Planet of the Beast KingSeries1.060.0002.8240.361NoNoSub7.26Complete
Kakegurui: Compulsive GamblerSeries2.781.9250.5851.175NoYesSub7.43Complete
Kaze no StigmaSeries1.722.0042.0030.421NoNoSub7.26Complete
Kiki's Delivery ServiceMovie0.00N/A0N/A0N/A0NoNoDub8.24
KILL la KILLSeries4.304.9253.4252.674YesYesDub8.11Complete
Kingdom: Season 2Series1.490.0831.7430.051NoYesSub8.39Complete
Kino's Journey -the Beautiful World- the Animated SeriesSeries0.890.0001.7540.000NoNoSub7.58Complete
Kokoro ConnectSeries1.852.0040.6230.463NoNoDub7.82Complete
Kokoro Connect OVASeries1.241.5030.2511.003NoNoDub8.01Complete
KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!Series2.051.7041.0022.205NoYesSub8.15Complete
Kuiba: Zhi ShiwanhuojiMovie0.50N/A0N/A2N/A0NoNoSub6.51
Kumamiko: Girl Meets BearSeries1.391.4250.4210.000NoYesSub6.31Complete
Kuma Miko SpecialsSeries0.000.0000.0000.000NoNoSub6.54Complete
Kyouryuu Daisensou IzenborgMovie0.90N/A0N/A3N/A1NoNoDub6.60Partially Reviewed
Little Nemo: Adventures in SlumberlandMovie1.10N/A1N/A3N/A0NoYesDub7.25
Little Witch AcademiaMovie0.90N/A0N/A3N/A1NoNoSub7.85
Little Witch Academia (TV)Series0.320.0000.4410.041NoNoSub7.91Complete
Log HorizonSeries0.740.1210.7220.000NoYesSub8.01Complete
Log Horizon 2Series0.660.1711.0820.000NoNoSub7.63Partially Reviewed
Lost SongSeries2.002.1732.5041.253NoNoSub7.02Complete
Lucky☆Star: Original na Visual to AnimationMovie0.70N/A0N/A1N/A3NoNoSub7.82
Lu Over the WallMovie0.50N/A1N/A1N/A0NoNoDub7.43
Lupin III: The Castle of CagliostroMovie0.75N/A0N/A2N/A1NoYesSub8.15
Made in AbyssSeries3.400.8531.8550.233YesYesDub8.74Complete
Maerchen MaedchenSeries1.254.0041.0010.000NoNoSub5.40Partially Reviewed
Magi: Adventure of SinbadSeries3.011.1541.3830.621YesYesSub7.92Complete
Magi: The Labyrinth of MagicSeries1.755.0051.0011.001NoYesSub8.07Partially Reviewed
Magical CircleSeries0.701.0021.0010.000NoNoSub7.86Partially Reviewed
Maquia: When the Promised Flower BloomsMovie1.10N/A0N/A4N/A0NoYesSub8.45
March comes in like a lionSeries0.850.0510.0510.823NoYesSub8.43Complete
March Comes In Like A Lion 2nd SeasonSeries0.550.0510.0000.913NoNoSub9.01Complete
Mary and the Witch's FlowerMovie0.25N/A0N/A1N/A0NoNoDub7.29
Mini Sengoku Basara: Chousokabe-kun to Mouri-kunSeries0.460.1410.0001.001NoYesSub6.77Complete
Mini Sengoku Basara Two: Tsukiyo no Katakura-kunSeries0.820.1410.7111.573NoNoSub6.79Complete
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon MaidSeries1.812.7150.3611.073NoYesSub/
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded OrphansSeries3.721.1252.4041.803YesYesDub8.02Complete
Mobile Suit Gundam IMovie1.00N/A0N/A3N/A1NoYesSub7.30
Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of SorrowMovie2.30N/A4N/A3N/A3NoYesSub7.39
Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in SpaceMovie2.95N/A5N/A5N/A3NoNoSub7.78
Mobile Suit Gundam UnicornSeries2.112.0043.0031.293NoYesDub8.16Complete
Mobile Suit Gundam WingSeries1.380.0812.9640.511NoYesDub7.73Complete
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless WaltzMovie1.15N/A0N/A4N/A1NoNoDub7.81
Mob Psycho 100Series2.681.8352.2551.503NoYesSub8.49Complete
Mob Psycho 100 IISeries2.670.8552.3852.083NoYesSub8.84Complete
Mob Psycho 100: Dai Ikkai Rei toka Soudansho Ian Ryokou - Kokoro Mitasu Iyashi no TabiMovie1.80N/A4N/A1N/A3NoYesSub7.62
Mob Psycho 100: Reigen - Shirarezaru Kiseki no ReinouryokushaMovie2.40N/A3N/A5N/A2NoYesSub7.29
Modest HeroesMovie1.00N/A3N/A1N/A0NoNoSub6.91Partially Reviewed
My Hero Academia 3Series2.011.0841.4831.683NoYesSub8.26Complete
My Hero Academia 4Series1.760.2011.7651.323NoYesSub8.07Complete
My Hero Academia: Two HeroesMovie1.45N/A1N/A3N/A3NoNoDub7.70
My Neighbors the YamadasMovie0.10N/A0N/A0N/A0NoYesDub7.19
My Neighbor TotoroMovie0.00N/A0N/A0N/A0NoNoDub8.32
My Ordinary Life Episode 0Movie0.00N/A0N/A0N/A0NoNoSub7.40
NarutoSeries3.580.2341.6650.803YesYesSub7.91Partially Reviewed
Naruto: ShippudenSeries1.830.0421.2851.243NoNoSub8.16Partially Reviewed
Nausicaä of the Valley of the WindMovie0.75N/A0N/A3N/A0NoNoDub8.40
Nichijou - My Ordinary LifeSeries1.790.9640.6530.152NoYesSub8.48Complete
Night Is Short, Walk on GirlMovie2.35N/A5N/A1N/A5NoYesSub8.23
Night on the Galactic RailroadMovie0.00N/A0N/A0N/A0NoNoSub7.29
Ni no KuniMovie1.15N/A1N/A3N/A1NoNoSub6.39
No Game, No LifeSeries1.533.0050.0001.503NoNoSub8.21Complete
Noragami: Stray GodSeries1.634.0042.0020.501NoNoSub8.01Partially Reviewed
Okko's InnMovie0.60N/A2N/A0N/A0NoYesSub7.55
One PieceSeries2.210.8641.7841.603NoYesSub8.52Partially Reviewed
One Piece: Episode of East Blue - Luffy to 4-nin no Nakama no DaiboukenMovie1.55N/A0N/A4N/A3NoYesSub7.91
One Piece Film: GoldMovie2.05N/A3N/A3N/A3NoYesSub7.95
One Piece Film Strong WorldMovie1.20N/A2N/A1N/A3NoNoSub8.18
One Piece Film ZMovie1.55N/A3N/A1N/A3NoYesSub8.19
One Piece Movie 14: StampedeMovie1.70N/A1N/A3N/A4NoYesSub8.18
One Punch ManSeries1.971.3333.4250.581NoNoSub8.58Complete
One Punch Man 2nd SeasonSeries2.521.0043.2552.084NoNoSub7.41Complete
One Punch Man 2nd Season SpecialsSeries1.661.0041.7530.501NoNoDub7.30Partially Reviewed
One Punch Man SpecialsSeries1.301.3321.3321.333NoNoSub/
7.73Partially Reviewed
One Week FriendsSeries0.000.0000.0000.000NoNoSub7.57Complete
Only YesterdayMovie0.60N/A2N/A0N/A0NoYesDub7.49
Panda! Go Panda!Series0.100.0000.0000.000NoYesDub6.76Complete
Patema InvertedMovie0.40N/A0N/A1N/A1NoNoDub8.05
Penguin HighwayMovie1.20N/A2N/A1N/A3NoNoDub7.65
Ping Pong the AnimationSeries1.290.8240.0000.913NoYesSub/
PokémonSeries0.210.0000.1510.000NoNoDub7.34Partially Reviewed
Porco RossoMovie0.35N/A0N/A1N/A0NoYesDub7.99
Princess MononokeMovie2.20N/A2N/A5N/A3NoNoSub8.72
Promare: Galo-henMovie0.65N/A1N/A1N/A1NoNoDub6.92
Promare: Lio-henMovie0.65N/A1N/A1N/A1NoNoDub7.06
Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-Series2.440.5243.1251.243NoYesSub8.29Complete
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Hyouketsu no KizunaMovie1.15N/A1N/A3N/A1NoNoSub7.61
Record of Grancrest WarSeries2.311.7143.8850.711NoYesSub7.25Complete
Record of Grancrest War ReminiscenceMovie1.60N/A2N/A4N/A0NoYesSub6.53
Record of Lodoss WarSeries2.072.0853.2340.000NoNoDub7.40Complete
ReLIFE: Kanketsu-henSeries0.210.2510.0000.000NoNoSub8.23Complete
Robot CarnivalMovie1.20N/A0N/A3N/A3NoNoDub7.28
Robotics;NotesSeries1.030.5711.4330.571NoNoDub7.35Partially Reviewed
Sailor MoonSeries1.810.5431.1740.503NoNoSub7.68Complete
Sailor Moon RSeries2.051.2851.0030.633NoNoSub7.69Complete
Sakamoto Desu ga? SpecialMovie0.50N/A1N/A1N/A0NoNoDub6.82
Samurai ChamplooSeries4.171.6552.9651.735YesYesSub8.50Complete
Scrapped PrincessSeries2.081.4241.7140.423NoNoDub7.42Complete
Sengoku Basara - Samurai Kings: The MovieMovie1.45N/A1N/A3N/A3NoNoDub7.61
Sengoku Basara: Samurai KingsSeries1.431.0012.8340.671NoYesDub7.39Complete
Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings 2Series2.031.3332.8332.334NoYesDub7.57Complete
Sengoku Basara: Setonai no Gekitotsu! Hi wo Fuku Umi no Daiyousai - Fugaku!!Movie1.15N/A1N/A3N/A1NoNoDub7.19
Sengoku Basara Two: Ryuko, Itadaki no Chikai! Atsuki Mirai e Kakeru Tamashii!!Movie0.25N/A0N/A1N/A0NoNoDub7.27
Seraph of the End: Battle in NagoyaSeries1.910.5833.2550.421NoNoSub7.64Complete
Seraph of the End: Vampire ReignSeries3.310.4242.5050.251YesNoSub7.50Complete
Sherlock HoundSeries0.350.0000.9210.000NoYesDub7.38Complete
Silver SpoonSeries0.940.0000.4540.271NoNoSub8.11Complete
Silver Spoon 2nd SeasonSeries0.530.2710.0000.363NoNoSub8.29Complete
Snow White with the Red HairSeries1.010.0001.0831.083NoNoSub7.79Complete
Snow White with the Red Hair 2Series0.970.0810.5820.753NoNoSub8.00Complete
Sound! EuphoniumSeries0.320.0000.0000.463NoNoSub8.00Complete
Sound! Euphonium 2Series0.520.1520.0000.311NoNoSub8.30Complete
Sound! Euphonium Episode 14 – Ready, Set, MonakaMovie0.00N/A0N/A0N/A0NoNoSub7.47
Sound! Euphonium the Movie: Welcome to the Kitauji High School Concert BandMovie0.40N/A1N/A0N/A1NoNoSub7.51
Space Dandy 2nd SeasonSeries2.222.5051.5040.331NoYesDub8.27Partially Reviewed
Space Patrol LulucoSeries1.471.4631.3830.541NoNoDub7.59Complete
Spirited AwayMovie0.35N/A0N/A1N/A0NoYesDub8.83
Summer WarsMovie1.40N/A3N/A1N/A2NoYesSub/
Sweetness & LightningSeries0.200.0810.0000.000NoNoSub7.53Complete
Sword Art OnlineSeries2.970.6441.4330.361YesYesSub7.25Partially Reviewed
Sword Art Online: AlicizationSeries3.911.8852.6750.583YesYesSub7.58Complete
Sword Art Online: Alicization - RecollectionMovie3.65N/A4N/A5N/A1YesNoSub6.65
Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld ReflectionMovie2.25N/A4N/A5N/A0NoNoSub6.75
Sword Art Online: Extra EditionMovie2.75N/A4N/A2N/A0YesNoSub6.62
Sword Art Online Alicization War of UnderworldSeries2.140.6733.0851.083NoNoSub7.64Complete
Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale OnlineSeries1.930.2522.9251.503NoNoSub7.08Complete
Tales from EarthseaMovie1.35N/A0N/A5N/A0NoYesSub6.95
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Mitee Mono wa Miteen da!!Movie2.55N/A5N/A3N/A3NoYesDub7.38
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a SlimeSeries3.812.2552.4050.602YesYesSub8.08Partially Reviewed
The Ambition of Oda NobunaSeries1.922.5842.8331.001NoYesSub7.47Complete
The Ancient Magus' BrideSeries2.010.9441.0040.283NoNoSub8.10Partially Reviewed
The Cat ReturnsMovie0.25N/A0N/A1N/A0NoNoDub7.80
The Devil is a Part-Timer!Series2.112.0841.3840.693NoNoDub7.83Complete
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.Series1.660.7350.2210.204NoNoDub8.45Complete
The Girl Who Leapt Through TimeMovie0.70N/A1N/A0N/A3NoNoDub8.20
The Irregular at Magic High SchoolSeries3.600.8541.2350.963YesYesSub7.54Complete
The King's AvatarSeries1.590.2711.6431.915NoYesSub7.98Partially Reviewed
The Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaSeries1.601.2130.5740.291NoNoSub7.88Complete
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2Series0.580.7910.0000.863NoNoSub7.23Complete
The Morose MononokeanSeries0.340.0000.6210.151NoNoSub7.42Complete
The Ocean WavesMovie0.25N/A1N/A0N/A0NoNoSub6.61
The Princess and the PilotMovie0.95N/A0N/A2N/A3NoNoSub7.66
The Rising of the Shield HeroSeries3.371.3842.3840.633YesNoSub8.00Partially Reviewed
The Secret World of ArriettyMovie0.00N/A0N/A0N/A0NoNoDub7.95
The Silver GuardianSeries1.431.5041.0820.081NoNoSub6.25Complete
The Silver Guardian 2Series1.431.0031.5030.171NoNoSub6.61Complete
The Tale of the Princess KaguyaMovie1.60N/A3N/A3N/A0NoYesDub8.23
Tokyo ESPSeries3.002.0853.0852.835NoYesDub6.57Complete
TorikoSeries3.320.1130.5450.723YesYesSub7.57Partially Reviewed
TrigunSeries3.751.1443.0051.933YesYesDub8.24Partially Reviewed
Trigun - Badlands RumbleMovie1.55N/A1N/A3N/A3NoYesDub7.97
Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemist KnightSeries2.362.2543.8851.132NoNoSub5.35Partially Reviewed
Violet EvergardenSeries2.001.3821.9250.773NoYesSub8.64Complete
Violet Evergarden: Kitto "Ai" wo Shiru Hi ga Kuru no DarouMovie0.25N/A1N/A0N/A0NoNoSub8.32
Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidou Shuki NingyouMovie0.75N/A3N/A0N/A0NoNoSub8.40
Weathering With YouMovie0.80N/A1N/A0N/A3NoYesSub8.41
When Marnie was ThereMovie0.10N/A0N/A0N/A0NoYesDub8.11
Whisper of the HeartMovie0.35N/A1N/A0N/A0NoYesDub8.24
Wise Man's GrandchildSeries3.791.6752.2550.923YesNoSub6.55Complete
Wolf ChildrenMovie1.00N/A3N/A1N/A0NoNoSub8.64
Young Black JackSeries0.480.0001.0010.501NoYesSub7.24Partially Reviewed
Your Lie in AprilSeries0.540.0000.0910.643NoNoSub8.75Complete
Your Name.Movie0.85N/A3N/A0N/A0NoYesSub8.97
Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost FilesSeries2.750.2452.4952.304NoYesSub8.45Complete

All the Episodes

5 Centimeters Per SecondN/AN/A000NoYesCrunchyrollSub
A.I.C.O.: Incarnation10Volition340NoNoNetflixDubAt the beginning of the episode you see the same undetailed unclothed female form as before
A.I.C.O.: Incarnation1Contact221NoNoNetflixDub
A.I.C.O.: Incarnation9Truth320NoNoNetflixDubAt the end of the episode you see an undetailed unclothed female form
A.I.C.O.: Incarnation8Way031NoNoNetflixDub
A.I.C.O.: Incarnation7Breakthrough030NoNoNetflixDub
A.I.C.O.: Incarnation12Reincarnation220NoNoNetflixDub
A.I.C.O.: Incarnation5Memory421NoNoNetflixDubYou see the backside of a naked woman as she strips off her suit before she gets in the shower
A.I.C.O.: Incarnation4Encounter020NoNoNetflixDub
A.I.C.O.: Incarnation3Decision401NoNoNetflixDubThe characters are getting dressed in suits that require you to be naked underneath. Privates are kept just off scene.
A.I.C.O.: Incarnation2Target011NoNoNetflixDub
A.I.C.O.: Incarnation6Awakening041NoNoNetflixDubA man's artificial arm is ripped off.
A.I.C.O.: Incarnation11Devotion010NoNoNetflixDub
A Certain Magical Index7Misawa Cram School (Science Cult)033NoYesFunimationDubMultiple comments on a girls breast size. A Knight is going bloody and leaking blood in a hallway.
A Certain Magical Index24Imaginary Number School District - Five-Element Agency510NoNoFunimationDubShower scene with one naked girl attacking another wuth some innuendo. Some skimpy outfits. Mild violence.
A Certain Magical Index1Academy City530NoNoFunimationDubA character is naked in the opening this will not be mentioned in future ratings. In the episode a females cloths literally explode off her revealing her naked body to a male character. Parts strategically covered. A character is found bleeding on the ground it is unclear if they are dead.
A Certain Magical Index2The Witch Hunting King (Innocentius)131NoYesFunimationDubA character is bloody and nearly dead. Some additional violence.
A Certain Magical Index23Hyoka Kazakiri (Friends)510NoNoFunimationDubFlashbacks to most of the fan service isn’t he show including the exploding clothes incident.
A Certain Magical Index3The Church of Necessary Evil (Necessarius)011NoYesFunimationDubA character bleeds and spits up blood. A character comments about another’s cloths she’s wearing not fitting around her breasts and the other gets offended.
A Certain Magical Index4Perfect Memory Ability110NoYesFunimationDub
A Certain Magical Index512 o'clock (Limit)300NoYesFunimationDubBrief shots of people in bath houses
A Certain Magical Index22Statue (Golem)313NoNoFunimationDuba girl shoved her face in another’s breasts. Some sexy cosplay. Mild violence.
A Certain Magical Index6Fantasy Killer (Imagine Breaker)010NoYesFunimationDub
A Certain Magical Index15Angel Fall (Angel Fall)511NoYesFunimationDubBath house scenes with rear nudity and beach scenes with lolly bikinis.
A Certain Magical Index16Father (Toya Kamijo)513NoNoFunimationDubBathhouse scenes where two guys walk in on a female who attacks them for it. Some suggestive dialogue
A Certain Magical Index10Big Sister (Mikoto Misaka)220NoNoFunimationDubA character bleeds from shratenal wounds and multiple panty shots.
A Certain Magical Index11Sisters (Sisters)051NoYesFunimationDubA character is shot up them tortured by having a finger shoved in the open wound before being killed off scene. The body is found with blood everywhere .
A Certain Magical Index12Absolute Power (Level 6)230NoNoFunimationDubSeveral dead bodies and some panty shots
A Certain Magical Index13One Way (Accelerator)531NoYesFunimationDubNaked females in bathhouse not explicit side shots of scrubbing each other. Several maimed bodies and mild violence.
A Certain Magical Index14Strongest vs. Weakest (Weakest vs. Strongest)213NoYesFunimationDubA female puts a sedated males hand on her breast because her superpower allows her to monitor his vitals this way. Some violence and language.
A Certain Magical Index21Identity Unknown (Counter Stop)310NoNoFunimationDubSome upskirt shots and a boy walks in on girls changing in their underwear.
A Certain Magical Index20Final Signal (Virus Code)243NoNoFunimationDubMultiple characters shot, one in the head at close range. You watch the bullet slowly enter his head and he bleeds out from the wound. Character seen likely naked from a distance through tinted glass.
A Certain Magical Index19The End (Last Order)513NoNoFunimationDubSeveral peoplehave their arms or wrists broken in combat. A young girl is naked briefly in a nonsexual manner against her will.
A Certain Magical Index18Impostor (Replica)110NoNoFunimationDubA guy watches a girl sleep sand is called out for it then attached and bleeding from the head from it. Fighting through our character crushed by steel beam but seems to survive.
A Certain Magical Index17Archangel (The Power of God)140NoNoFunimationDubA character bleeds from every oraface and it presumed dead.
A Certain Magical Index8Gold Transmutation (Ars Magna)530NoYesFunimationDubA girl stands up in the bath tub and is seen naked from the side. Bloody dead bodies and violence.
A Certain Magical Index9Vampire Killer (Deep Blood)053NoYesFunimationDubA characters skin i flailed. A characters arm is cut off and blood flies everywhere.
A Certain Magical Index II9Pursuit Inhibited (Route Disturb)311NoyesFunimationDub
A Certain Magical Index II19Amata Kihara (The Researcher)421NoYesFunimationDubA woman gropes another's breasts then makes sexual suggestions about the others s and M outfit they are forcing them to wear.
A Certain Magical Index II3The Amakusa Church110NoYesBlue-RayDub
A Certain Magical Index II6Wreckage (Remnant)413NoNoBlue-RayDubTwo girls seen in the shower and one plans on making sexual advances on the other and then attacks her. A girl is seen for an extended period of time in her underwear.
A Certain Magical Index II7Coordinate Relocation (Move Point)431NoNoBlue-RayDubA girl is seen naked from behind putting on underwear. A nude girl is seen with the scenery strategicly covering things.
A Certain Magical Index II2The Book of the Law401NoYesBlue-RayDubA boy walks in accidentally on 2 girls showering. They are seen nude with arms over breasts and steam covering genatals. A girl sleep walks into a boys sleeping bag in her underwear.
A Certain Magical Index II10Stenographic Sourcebook (Shorthand)313NoYesFunimationDubA girl references her panties being wet.
A Certain Magical Index II1August 31st (The Last Day)131NoNoBlue-RayDub
A Certain Magical Index II24Armed Gang (Skill-Out)331NoYesFunimationDubA woman is seen in bathtub though nudity strategicly covered. A drunk woman hits on teen boys repeatedly.
A Certain Magical Index II23Prewar111NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Magical Index II22The Divine Retribution Spell033NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Magical Index II4Voice of the Magicbane (Sheol Fear)020NoYesBlue-RayDub
A Certain Magical Index II20Hound Squad (Hound Dog)041NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Magical Index II21Learning Device (Testament)033NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Magical Index II5Lotus Wand110NoYesBlue-RayDub
A Certain Magical Index II18Specimen Number (Serial Number)300NoYesFunimationDubSeveral women seen in underwear and one has robe opened to reveal she's not wearing underwear, naughty bits strategicly hidden.
A Certain Magical Index II11Stab Sword331NoYesFunimationDub
A Certain Magical Index II8The Daihasei Festival400NoNoFunimationDubA girls shirt gets wet and her bras is visibility. A guy walks in on a girl changing and she is topless with breasts covered by hair. A boy walks in on a girl changing and she isn't wearing panties but has a skirt on. Genitals covered by cat when neccisary
A Certain Magical Index II12The Observatory (Belvedere)113NoYesFunimationDubTalk of how girls can increase bust size.
A Certain Magical Index II17Penalty Game310NoNoFunimationDubA guy walks in on 3 women bathing
A Certain Magical Index II16Rosary of the Appointed Time113NoNoFunimationDubA guy tells a girl she should repay someone with some nudity
A Certain Magical Index II13Apostolic Cross (Croce di Pietro)131NoYesFunimationDub
A Certain Magical Index II14City of Water411NoNoFunimationDubA guy walks in on 2 different girls showering. Their nipples and genitals are barely covered strategicly for comedy. Butts clearly seen and lots of other parts.
A Certain Magical Index II15Queen's Fleet311NoNoFunimationDubA guy shakes s girls hand and her cloths explode off. A guy trips and lands on a girl. A girl flips up a girls skirt showing on other girls underwear.
A Certain Magical Index the Movie: The Miracle of EndymionN/AN/A531NoYesBlue-RayDubLots of rear nudity. A guy walks in on girls showering. A woman's breasts are visible for a split second.
A Certain Scientific Railgun19Midsummer Festival210NoNoFunimationDuba character deliberately takes pictures of another girls underwear . A girl flips up another’s skirt in public.
A Certain Scientific Railgun3Tokiwadai is Targeted110NoNoFunimationDubA girl changes clothes but not explicit. Mild violence.
A Certain Scientific Railgun20Poltergeist013NoNoFunimationDubmild innuendo and ghost attacks
A Certain Scientific Railgun4Urban Legends310NoNoFunimationDubA woman removes her shirt in public infront of a boy for no reason. A soman removes her skirt because it gets ice cream on it in public. A woman is seen on a toilet.
A Certain Scientific Railgun7Abilities and Powers110NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Scientific Railgun6Everyone is Proactive When It Comes to This330NoNoFunimationDubSmall children lift up a girls skirt revealing underwear . A girl flashes another her breast. A man is killed in an explosion.
A Certain Scientific Railgun5A Certain Pair of New Trainees111NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Scientific Railgun24Dear My Friends210NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Scientific Railgun23What Is It You See In Your Eyes Right Now?210NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Scientific Railgun22Level 6 (The One Who Obtains the Power of God Whilst Still Possessing a Mortal Body)510NoNoFunimationDubBath scene with limbs covering genitals. A character barely covered in town walks in on bather to make a sexual advance
A Certain Scientific Railgun21Voices000NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Scientific Railgun17Tsuzuri's Summer Vacation410NoYesFunimationDubBathhouse scenes
A Certain Scientific Railgun8Level Upper310NoNoFunimationDubSome upskirt and a girl washes another’s back because she’s sick while she covers her breasts with her shirt.
A Certain Scientific Railgun14Special Workshop000NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Scientific Railgun11Dr. Kiyama330YesNoFunimationDubA woman takes off her shirt in front of children. Naked small child. Several children are experienced on tortured and killed. Deaths not seen but bloody puddles left behind. Witness suffers mental breakdown.
A Certain Scientific Railgun1Electromaster513NoNoFunimationDubExtended shower scene and a girl fondles a naked girls breasts for a long time. Most of her body is visible. Some upskirt shots. A girl makes an elaborate plot to seduce a female classmate.
A Certain Scientific Railgun18Asunaro Park010NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Scientific Railgun13A Bikini Divides the Eyeline Between Top and Bottom, but a One-Piece Shows Off the Figure so They Only Flatter the Slender410NoNoFunimationDubThe entire episode is one long swimsuit show off some of which are extremely skimpy and revealing. A character tries to seduce another.
A Certain Scientific Railgun12AIM Burst250NoNoFunimationDubsome girls looking up skirts and implied groping. Lots of violence and monster dismemberment.
A Certain Scientific Railgun10Silent Majority210NoNoFunimationDubSome upskirt and flashbacks to skirt flipping
A Certain Scientific Railgun15Skill Out120NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Scientific Railgun9Majority Report311NoNoFunimationDubA woman takes off her shirt in public. She takes off he panty hoes another time I public. A girl looks under another’s skirt and describes her underwear.
A Certain Scientific Railgun16Academy City113NoNoFunimationDubsome commentary on breast size
A Certain Scientific Railgun2When Working Under a Hot Sun, Rehydration is Essential513NoNoFunimationDubA shower scene followed by a girl putting on lengera to seduce another girl. An extended discussion about women’s lengere. A girl attempts to spike another’s drink with an aphrodisiac in order to seduce her. A girl steals another’s underwear while she’s still wearing it, outer cloths remain on. Mild violence.
A Certain Scientific Railgun S6I... Can See All of You530NoNoFunimationDubSome upskirt and lots of flashbacks to previous episode violence. Body parts and blood on ground. Naked dead ghosts covered in blood grab at character.
A Certain Scientific Railgun S7I... I Want To Be of Help To You, Sister Dearest230NoNoFunimationDubFlashbacks to previous violence and minor suggestive themes.
A Certain Scientific Railgun S8ITEM121NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Scientific Railgun S1Railgun211NoNoFunimationDubA girl looks up another’s skirt
A Certain Scientific Railgun S2Critical230NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Scientific Railgun S3Project Radio Noise110NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Scientific Railgun S4Sisters530NoNoFunimationDubCharacters try on multiple swim suits and model for each other. Naked nipples coverd by hair female clone fully nude. Lots of dead bodies who were killed violently
A Certain Scientific Railgun S9AIM Stalker111NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Scientific Railgun S10Meltdowner131NoNoFunimationDubflashbacks to previous violence
A Certain Scientific Railgun S11The Vending Machine531NoNoFunimationDubFlashbacks to previous naked ghosts, violence, severed limbs.
A Certain Scientific Railgun S18Moving200NoNoFunimationDubA character flips up a girls skirt to see her underwear and tease her
A Certain Scientific Railgun S12Tree Diagram130NoNoFunimationDubFlashbacks to previous violence and several thugs beaten where you hear ribs crack
A Certain Scientific Railgun S17Study Group300NoNoFunimationDubCharacters grab friends boobs and argue over who’s friend has better boobs
A Certain Scientific Railgun S13Accelerator110NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Scientific Railgun S24Eternal Party310NoNoFunimationDubA character tries to commit suicide but is stoped. Another pool scene though brief.
A Certain Scientific Railgun S23Dawn of a Revolution (Silent Party)410NoNoFunimationDubMore naked clones strategically covered and some fan service camera angles
A Certain Scientific Railgun S22STUDY410NoNoFunimationDubPool scene and a character tries to grope another but is stoped violently
A Certain Scientific Railgun S21Darkness500NoNoFunimationDubFlash to shower scene with steam obstructing things. Flashback to bathhouse.
A Certain Scientific Railgun S20Febri410NoNoFunimationDubBathhouse scene with scrubbing kid. Breasts covers by tub lots of Cleavage. Some violence
A Certain Scientific Railgun S19Academic Research Assembly110NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Scientific Railgun S5Project Level 6 Shift250NoNoFunimationDubSome upskirt and panty shots. A characters leg is torn off lots of blood and then they are crushed and a large pool of blood forma
A Certain Scientific Railgun S15Tōma Kamijō123NoNoFunimationDub
A Certain Scientific Railgun S16Sisterhood133NoNoFunimationDubQuite a lot of blood and dead boddies
A Certain Scientific Railgun S14The Promise123NoNoFunimationDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA)6Stoking Rebellion001NoNoNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA)5Exposed001NoYesNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA)1A Day in the Life of Retsuko002NoNoNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA)4Walking Down the Aisle001NoYesNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA)3Short-timer001NoNoNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA)10The Dream Ends003NoNoNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA)8The Out of Pocket Prince000NoYesNetflixDubCharacters drink till they puke
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA)7The Duel003NoYesNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA)9A Rosy World000NoYesNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA)2A Good, Hard-working Girl001NoYesNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 2nd Season10Wonderful Life001NoNoNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 2nd Season8He Lives Above The Clouds001NoYesNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 2nd Season7Growing Affection003NoYesNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 2nd Season6Unknown Future003NoYesNetflixDubA character says he’s a poet and others respond that’s code for porn star.
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 2nd Season9She's Dreaming001NoNoNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 2nd Season4Unavoidable Impact001NoNoNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 2nd Season3Double Moratorium001NoNoNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 2nd Season5United Front000NoNoNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 2nd Season1Time To Grow Up003NoNoNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 2nd Season2The New Hire Named Anai001NoNoNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 3rd Season10When You Count to Ten013NoYesNetflixDub* Spoilers* Someone tries to kill one of the caracters with a razor blade. Another gets injured and bleeds in the process.
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 3rd Season9The End of the Moratorium003NoYesNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 3rd Season8Bursting Her Bubble001NoYesNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 3rd Season6Crossroads001NoYesNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 3rd Season5An Urchin in the Desert001NoYesNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 3rd Season4Winds of Change001NoYesNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 3rd Season3A Sheltered Life001NoYesNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 3rd Season2Deep in the Hole001NoYesNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 3rd Season1The Blessings of Life001NoYesNetflixDub
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 3rd Season7An Impenetrable Wall001NoYesNetflixDub
Aggretsuko: We Wish You a Metal ChristmasN/AN/A001NoYesNetflixDub
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime: Nandemonai Takaramono, Kono PageN/AN/A000NoNoUnknownSub
Alderamin on the Sky9The Fate of a Small Reputation041NoNoCrunchyrollSubA man's throat is cut.
Alderamin on the Sky5Two in One331NoNoCrunchyrollSubTwo kids take a bath in one scene.
Alderamin on the Sky13In a Twilight Empire031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Alderamin on the Sky11Lazy vs. Unsleeping041NoNoCrunchyrollSubBattlefield carnage
Alderamin on the Sky10La Saia Alderamin051NoNoCrunchyrollSubSomeone's finger is cut off off scene.
Alderamin on the Sky8Some Day, for the Third Time041NoNoCrunchyrollSubWar scene
Alderamin on the Sky7The Northern Katjvarna Rebellion051NoNoCrunchyrollSubThere is a bloody sword fight
Alderamin on the Sky6At the Base of the Stairs of God011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Alderamin on the Sky4Watchdogs of the Spirit Tree051NoNoCrunchyrollSubThere is an extremly gorey battle
Alderamin on the Sky3The Knights of the High-Level Officer's School121NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Alderamin on the Sky2An Unwanted Medal of Honor241NoNoCrunchyrollSubA man is run through with a sword.
Alderamin on the Sky1A Stormy Encounter213NoNoCrunchyrollSubSomeone mentions a man fondeling a woman's breasts and "trying to bed her"
Alderamin on the Sky12Ghost Hunter031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Ange Vierge3The Price of Bonds420NoNoCrunchyrollSubShort bath scenes, revealing clothing, a girl gets hit with such a powerful attack her clothes explode. Her privates are covered.
Ange Vierge2The One I Admire410NoNoCrunchyrollSubAnother bath scene, and revealing clothing.
Ange Vierge1Starting Potential410NoNoCrunchyrollSubMost of the episode takes place in a bath house, nothing sexual takes place, all privates are covered by various effects.
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu: 365-nichi no JikanN/AN/A132NoYesFunimationDubThis is a recap movie and consists mostly of footage from the show.
A Silent VoiceN/AN/A111YesNoShout FactoryDubThis film contains a lot of kids bullying each other and ***Spoilers*** Multiple suicide attempts.
Assassination Classroom13Talent Time123NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom18Action Time110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom20Karma Time/2nd Period013NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom19Demon Time113NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom21Takaoka Time010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom16School's Out/1st Term003NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom17Island Time113NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom12Ball Game Tournament Time101NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom15End-of-Term Time010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom8School Trip Time/2nd Period003NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom9Transfer Student Time113NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom14Vision Time010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom11Transfer Student Time/2nd Period011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom10L and R Time113NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom22Nagisa Time113NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom7School Trip Time/1st Period013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom3Karma Time010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom2Baseball Time010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom1Assassination Time010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom4Grown-Up Time414NoNoCrunchyrollSubIrina is introduced and tries to seduce Koro Sensei. The students Nickname her "Ms B*tch"
Assassination Classroom5Assembly Time114NoNoCrunchyrollSubUse of "B*tch Sensei's" name
Assassination Classroom6Test Time010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season11End-of-Term Time, 2nd Period013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season24Graduation Time000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season13Let Live Time010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season12Think Outside the Box Time010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season14Secret Identity Time010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season15Confession Time010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season16Past Time133NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season17Discord Time010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season18Outcome Time010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season19Outer Space Time000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season20Valentine's Day Time113NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season21Trust Time310NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season8Reaper Time, Part 2124NoNoCrunchyrollSubUse of "B*tch Sensei's" name
Assassination Classroom Second Season6Before & After Time000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season7Reaper Time, Part 1114NoNoCrunchyrollSubUse of "B*tch Sensei's" name
Assassination Classroom Second Season23Final Boss Time030NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season5Leader Time010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season4Spinning Time013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season3Itona Horibe Time010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season2Kaede Time103NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season10School Festival Time003NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season9Round Two Time013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season1Summer Festival Time104NoNoCrunchyrollSubUse of "B*tch Sensei's" name
Assassination Classroom Second Season25Future Time003NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Assassination Classroom Second Season22Happy Birthday Time010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Back Street Girls: Gokudolls1Episode 1215NoYesNetflixDubYakuza men forced to become female pop band. Lots of panty shots. Extreme profanity including several f-words. May not continue watching.
Back Street Girls: Gokudolls2Episode 2414NoYesNetflixDubLots of mutual boob groping and a man strips to his underwear while drunk. Lots of profanity and references to trans surgery. May not continue watching.
Bakemonogatari12Tsubasa Cat, Part Two403NoNoBlue-RaySubA boy accuses a girl of being erotic. A girl says she will make him think the erotic girl is pure then proceeds to whisper in his ear while stroking his thigh. The boy is obviously aroused by this.
Bakemonogatari11Tsubasa Cat, Part One510NoNoBlue-RaySubThere are images of actual nude females with breasts exposed in new opening. A guy talks about a girl making him question his manhood as he lifts her skirt and fantasizes about girls changing.
Bakemonogatari10Nadeko Snake, Part Two321NoNoBlue-RaySub
Bakemonogatari13Tsubasa Cat, Part Three503NoYesBlue-RaySubLive action frontal female nudity in opening song. A guy grabs a girl and gropes her breasts while threatening to look at her panties. Talk about a girls breasts and lots of cleavage.
Bakemonogatari2Hitagi Crab, Part Two510YesYesBlue-RaySubA female is seen showering and then walks naked in front of a boy. She accuses him of being a virgin while putting on underwear. There is stylized depictions of the attempted rape of a minor. Female states it's ok if a guy gets aroused from seeing her nude.
Bakemonogatari3Mayoi Snail, Part One213NoNoBlue-RaySubA man looks longingly down a girls shirt. Lots of male gaze shots or female. After getting beat up a young girl's underwear is visible in a non sexual way.
Bakemonogatari4Mayoi Snail, Part Two213NoNoBlue-RaySubSome language and inuendo
Bakemonogatari5Mayoi Snail, Part Three0`13NoNoBlue-RaySubA man admits to accidentally touching a girls breast while fighting and she accusing him of molesting her and stealing her "touch virginity" before she even kissed a boy. A boy is accused of being a pervert.
Bakemonogatari6Suruga Monkey, Part One211NoNoBlue-RaySub
Bakemonogatari7Suruga Monkey, Part Two313NoNoBlue-RaySubLong conversations about panties and homosexuality. A girl fondles her breasts and tells a guy he can have her whenever he wants. A boy looks up a girls skirt.
Bakemonogatari8Suruga Monkey, Part Three151NoNoBlue-RaySubA character has a hole kicked though their torso and as their intestine fall out they are used to swing them into a wall. Lots of blood.
Bakemonogatari9Nadeko Snake, Part One403NoNoBlue-RaySubA girl is seen in panties covering her breasts with her hands. Comments about preferences in dirty books and getting aroused throw out the episode.
Bakemonogatari15Tsubasa Cat, Part Five533NoYesBlue-RaySubA girl is seen fully nude and is groped in the OP. Depictions of sex and female masterbation.
Bakemonogatari14Tsubasa Cat, Part Four513NoYesBlue-RaySubA girl is seen fully nude and is groped in the OP. Sexual tension and a girl pushes her breasts against a guy to get a reaction. A guy is taunted for being sexually attracted to a girl with large Breasts.
Bakemonogatari1Hitagi Crab, Part One550NoNoBlue-RaySubOpens with prolonged panty shot. Female breifly seen nude weighing herself. Several shorty cuts of exterme violence.
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad24Third Stage101NoNoFunimationSub
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad25Slip Out005NoNoFunimationSubMultiple instances of the "F word"
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad1The View at 14015NoYesFunimationSubMultiple uses of the "F word"
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad14Dream012NoNoFunimationSub
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad16Indies004NoNoFunimationSubOne instance of the "F word"
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad9The Night Before LIVE200NoNoFunimationSub
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad8Broadcast in the School010NoNoFunimationSub
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad7Lucille010NoYesFunimationSub
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad17Three Days000NoNoFunimationSub
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad6Hyodo and the Jaguar210NoYesFunimationSub
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad5Beck200NoYesFunimationSub
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad4Strum the Guitar100NoNoFunimationSub
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad18Leon Sykes125NoYesFunimationSubMultiple instances of the "F word"
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad3Moon on the Water015NoYesFunimationSubMultiple uses of the "F word"
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad2Live House104NoNoFunimationSubOne use of the "F word". Several seconds of a girls locker room scene
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad13Ciel Bleu011NoNoFunimationSub
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad19Blues025NoYesFunimationSubMultiple instances of the "F word"
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad15Back to School110NoNoFunimationSub
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad22Performance Eve Festival015NoYesFunimationSubMultiple instances of the "F word"
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad23Festival100NoNoFunimationSub
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad26America003NoNoFunimationSub
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad10FACE011NoNoFunimationSub
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad11Summer Holidays001NoYesFunimationSub
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad12Secret Live104NoYesFunimationSubOne instance of the "F word"
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad20Greatful Sound004NoYesFunimationSubOne instance of the "F word"
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad21Write Music005NoNoFunimationSubMultiple instances of the "F word"
Big Fish & BegoniaN/AN/A430NoYesShout FactorySubMPAA pg-13. Two teenage characters, a male and female are seen fully nude at different points though the male has no visible genitals. none of this is in a sexual manner * spoilers* we see a character drown and die
Black Blood Brothers1Black Blood Brothers034NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Blood Brothers2Compromiser031NoNoCrunchyrollSubYou see a vampires skeleton, as he has melted from the sun.
Black Blood Brothers8Protector021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Blood Brothers7Silver Blade041NoNoCrunchyrollSubA vampire battle, with more severed limbs
Black Blood Brothers12For the Eternal Pulse of Mine Bloodline, I Would Offer This Blood in Totality040NoNoCrunchyrollSubVampire fight, they get stabbed and cut with swords.
Black Blood Brothers11The Ocean141NoNoCrunchyrollSubMany vampires get turned to ash. Holes are blown in a vampire with bullets.
Black Blood Brothers10Order Coffin Company140NoYesCrunchyrollSubVampires attack a bunch of people. Someone gets impaled
Black Blood Brothers3THE KOWLOON BLOODLINE042NoNoCrunchyrollSubVampire limbs are cut off, which then disintegrate
Black Blood Brothers4Old Blood241NoNocrunchyrollSubVampire limbs are cut off, which then disintegrate
Black Blood Brothers9Eleventh Yard041NoYesCrunchyrollSubA vampire is beat nearly to death
Black Blood Brothers6Coven023NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Blood Brothers5Special Zone340NoNoCrunchyrollSubVampire limbs are cut off, which then disintegrate
Black Clover27Light232NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover32Three-Leaf Sprouts131NoNoCrunchyrollSub*Spoiler: Someone is injected with something that turns him into a monster
Black Clover45The Guy Who Doesn't Know When to Quit120NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover24Blackout010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover46Awakening041NoNoCrunchyrollSub*Spoiler: A man's arm is blown off, he then regrows it
Black Clover47The Only Weapon120NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover48Despair vs. Hope331NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover49Beyond Limits130NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover14Dungeon100NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover15The Diamond Mage013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover13The Wizard King Saw, Continued110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover11What Happened on a Certain Day in the Castle Town110NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover34Light Magic vs. Dark Magic130NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover35The Light of Judgment020NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover31Pursuit over the Snow021YesNoCrunchyrollSub*Spoiler: Many children are kidnapped and drained of their magic through a painful process
Black Clover36Three Eyes020NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover37The One With No Magic020NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover38The Magic Knight Captains Conference320NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover25Adversity030NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover26Wounded Beasts130NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover39Three-Leaf Salute300NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover51Proof of Rightness331NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover40A Black Beach Story310NoYesCrunchyrollSubThis episode is all about going to the beach
Black Clover12The Wizard King Saw010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover33To Help Somebody Someday130NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover41The Water Girl Grows Up310NoYesCrunchyrollSubThey train on the beach
Black Clover42The Underwater Temple110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover16Friends011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover17Destroyer010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover43Temple Battle Royale121NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover44The Pointlessly Direct Fireball and the Wild Lightning301NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover10Those Who Protect031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover29Path111NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover9Beasts111NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover50End of the Battle, End of Despair300NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover23The Crimson Lion King030NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black CloverSPThe All Magic Knights Thanksgiving Festa011NoNoCrunchyrollSubFiller
Black Clover28The One I've Set My Heart On310NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover4The Magic Knights Entrance Exam010NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover63Not in the Slightest132NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover53Behind the Mask021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover54Never Again423NoNoCrunchyrollSubYou see a man right after he climbs out of the bath. His privates are covered.
Black Clover55The Man Named Fanzell411NoNoCrunchyrollSubFanzell spends a significant portion of the episode naked, his crotch is always covered though you do see his butt
Black Clover3To the Royal Capital of the Clover Kingdom!000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover62Bettering One Another122NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover61The Promised World111NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover56The Man Named Fanzell Continued421NoNoCrunchyrollSubFanzell runs around nearly nude most of the episode again
Black Clover57Infiltration111NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover58Battlefield Decision121NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover59Flames of Hatred111NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover7The Other New Recruit210NoYesCrunchyrollSubA female member of the Black Bulls is only wearing underwear and a jacket
Black Clover60Defectors' Atonement141NoNoCrunchyrollSubYou see several dead people with blades sticking out of them.
Black Clover18Memories of You011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover19Destruction and Salvation010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover64The Red Thread of Fate321NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover21Capital Riot130NoNoCrunchyrollSubA zombie battle starts in this episode
Black Clover6The Black Bulls310NoYesCrunchyrollSubA female member of the Black Bulls is only wearing underwear and a jacket
Black Clover5The Path to the Wizard King010NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover2The Boys' Promise011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover1Asta and Yuno011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover20Assembly at the Royal Capital110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover8Go! Go! First Mission310NoYesCrunchyrollSub2 Men lose all of their clothes gambling
Black Clover70Two New Stars112NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover69The Briar Maiden's Melancholy312NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover52Whoever's Strongest Wins020NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover68Battle to the Death?! Yami VS Jack312NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover67A Fun Festival Double Date310NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Black Clover66The Secret of the Eye of the Midnight Sun252NoYesCrunchyrollSubIn a flashback you see a man's leg get cut off, and people die.
Black Clover65I'm Home311NoNoCrunchyrollSubAsta is shirtless the entire episode along with a few other people.
Blood Blockade Battlefront4Blood Line Fever051NoYesCrunchyrollSubCarnage
Blood Blockade Battlefront1Demon City Association051NoNoCrunchyrollSubCarnage
Blood Blockade Battlefront2Pursue the Phantom Ghost Wagon333NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Blood Blockade Battlefront5The Tremorous Blood Hammer023NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Blood Blockade Battlefront3A Game Between Two Worlds051NoYesCrunchyrollSubDecapitation
Blood Blockade Battlefront7A No-Holds-Barred Eden053NoYesCrunchyrollSubHead Explodes
Blood Blockade Battlefront8Z's Longest Day (Part 1)133NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Blood Blockade Battlefront9Z's Longest Day (Part 2)021NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Blood Blockade Battlefront10Run! Lunch!! Run!!! / to the end.053NoYesCrunchyrollSubBody Explosion
Blood Blockade Battlefront11Paint It Black050NoNoCrunchyrollSubHead Explosion
Blood Blockade Battlefront12Hello, world!053NoYesCrunchyrollSubCarnage
Blood Blockade Battlefront6Don't Forget to Don't Forget Me031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond6Get the Lock Out!!031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond10Bratatat Mom020NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond9Desperate Fight in the Macro Zone, Part 2011NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond8Desperate Fight in the Macro Zone, Part 1041NoNoCrunchyrollSubCarnage
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond7Branchial Blues023NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond3Day In Day Out451NoNoCrunchyrollSubArm Removed, Near Nudity
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond5One Butler's Blitzkrieg031NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond12Spectral Eyes, Phantom Vision, Part 2041NoNoCrunchyrollSubCarnage
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond4Werewolf Mission: Chain-possible213NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond2A Phantom Hospital Ward Rises031NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond1Lights! Camera! Action!051NoYesCrunchyrollSubCarnage
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond11Spectral Eyes, Phantom Vision, Part 1033NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Bodacious Space Pirates18We'll Have Juice at the After Party100NoNoSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates19The Bonds Among the Four201NoNoSentaiDuba girl finds swimsuit model magazines cleaning a dorm
Bodacious Space Pirates11Wanderer of Light100NoNoSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates20The Captain Rides the Waves300NoNoSentaiDubBeach episode though only inappropriate swim suite is a guy in a very small speedo.
Bodacious Space Pirates17A Surprising Client200NoNoSentaiDubTwo girls kiss multiple times and some questionable camera angles.
Bodacious Space Pirates21The Final Battle at the Nebula Cup110NoNoSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates22Pirate Hunting420NoNoSentaiDubOff screen deaths and a pirate has pictures of women covering bare breasts with hands on wall visible for just a few seconds
Bodacious Space Pirates16The Hakuoh Pirates' First Job100NoNoSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates15Smuggling, Leaving Port and a Leap100NoNoSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates14Marika Goes Recruiting101NoNoSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates13Marika Sends an Invitation100NoNoSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates12A Return from Eternity100NoNoSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates10Battle in the Storm100NoNoSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates25The Pirate's Council Begins110NoYesSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates9A Beautiful Launch100NoNoSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates8The Princess and The Pirate100NoNoSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates7The Peace Does Not Last100NoNoSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates6Marika's First Day at Work340NoNoSentaiDubStatues of topless women non detailed. Someone is shot with large bloody hole in their chest.
Bodacious Space Pirates4The Final Battle is at Midnight100NoNoSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates3The Odette II Leaves Port200NoNoSentaiDubGirls seen changing into space suites and stealing braws.
Bodacious Space Pirates2My Power, The Power of a Pirate100NoNoSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates1Pirates, Coming Through110NoYesSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates23Head for the Pirate's Nest!310NoNoSentaiDubMultiple women in bikinis and several injured people with blood and bandages
Bodacious Space Pirates24The Wounded Benten130NoYesSentaiDubAndroid shot and killed with multiple bullet holes
Bodacious Space Pirates26There Go the Pirates120NoNoSentaiDub
Bodacious Space Pirates5Marika Makes a Decision100NoNoSentaiDub
Boku no Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes:RisingN/AN/A133NoYesUnknownSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations107The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Dog and Cat War!311NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations118Something That Steals Memories001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations117Remon's Secret000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations116Konohamaru and Remon001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations115Team 25011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations114X Cards Proxy War!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations113The Qualities of a Captain012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations112The Chunin Selection Conference001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations111The Steam Ninja Scrolls: Mirai's King!043NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations110The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Resurrection Hot Springs!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations109The Steam Ninja Scrolls: Potato Chips and the Giant Boulder!000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations108The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Haunted Inn!000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations33The Super Beast Scroll Slump001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations34Starry Night001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations106The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The S-Rank Mission!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations32The Quest for Souvenirs001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations105A Wound on the Heart010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations104The Little Roommate002NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations103Migration Season132YESNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations102Melee!022NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations101Jugo's Reinforcements012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations100The Predestined Path010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations99Jugo and The Curse Mark011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations98The Cursed Forest011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations97Shikadai's Decision012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations96Blood, Sweat, and Namida011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations95Tactics for Getting Along With Your Daughter000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations94A Heaping Helping! The Eating Contest!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations93Parent and Child Day001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations92A New Ordinary001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations119Konohamaru's Ninja Way011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations31Boruto and Kagura011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations91Ohnoki's Will031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations14The Path That Boruto Can See011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations87The Sensation of Living012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations5The Mysterious Transfer Student!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations6The Final Lesson!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations7Love and Potato Chips!012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations8The Dream's Revelation001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations9Proof of Oneself011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations10The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations11The Shadow of The Mastermind011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations123Urashiki Returns013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations122The Puppet Battle!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations12Boruto and Mitsuki011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations121The Entrusted Mission: Protect the One Tails!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations13The Demon Beast Appears!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations15A New Path011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations29The New Seven Ninja Swordsmen!013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations16Crisis: The Threat of Failing!012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations17Run, Sarada!000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations120With Sasuke As the Goal012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations18A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki Family001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations19Sarada Uchiha012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations20The Boy with the Sharingan010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations21Sasuke and Sarada011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations22Connected Feelings003NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations23Bonds Come in All Shapes011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations24Boruto and Sarada011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations25A Turbulent Field Trip!!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations26The Mizukage's Successor011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations27A Shinobi Bout of Friendship021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations28A Declaration of War!013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations35Parent-Teacher-Student Meeting…!001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations86Kozuchi's Will010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations54Sasuke and Boruto011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations59Boruto vs. Shikadai011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations66My Story!001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations65Father and Child013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations64Rescuing Naruto!013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations63Sasuke’s Secret Weapon011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations62The Otsutsuki Invasion011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations61The Iron Sand User: Shinki011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations60The Hidden Leaf vs. The Hidden Sand011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations58The Tournament Begins!012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations68Super Cho-Cho Kiss Mode!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations57The Reason I Can't Lose011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations56Rivals, Gather!012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations55Scientific Ninja Tool011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations53Himawari's Birthday011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations129The Village Hidden in the Leaves011NoNoCrunchyrollDub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations128Urashiki's Target013NoNoCrunchyrollDub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations127Make-Out Tactics010NoNoCrunchyrollDub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations67Super Cho-Cho Butterfly Mode!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations88Clash: Kokuyou!012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations84Ohnoki's Thoughts, Ku's Thoughts012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations75The Trials of Ryuchi Cave012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations82Infiltrating the Hidden Stone Village011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations81Boruto's Wish012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations80Mitsuki's Friend011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations79Reunion with Mitsuki012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations78Everyone’s Motives011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations77A Fierce Enemy: Garaga’s Ferocious Attack!013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations76Incurring Wrath013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations74The Enemy, Ino-Shika-Cho!012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations4A Ninjutsu Battle of the Sexes!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations73The Other Side of the Moon011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations1Boruto Uzumaki!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations72Mitsuki's Will011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations2The Hokage's Son!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations70The Other Side of Anxiety011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations3Metal Lee Goes Wild!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations69Super Cho-Cho Love Upheaval!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations126Shukaku's Trick011NoNoCrunchyrollDub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations125Boruto and Shinki011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations124Decision Time013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations89A Piercing Heart013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations36Graduation Exam, Begins!!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations90Mitsuki and Sekiei031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations85The Heart Stone012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations37A Shinobi's Resolve011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations39The Path Lit By The Full Moon010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations40Team 7: The First Mission012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations41Strength In Unity011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations42A Ninja's Job011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations44Shikadai's Doubts011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations45Memories From The Day of Snow011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations46Go! The Crest of Night Strategy011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations47The Figure I Want to Be012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations48The Genin Documentary!!012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations43The Byakuya Gang Surfaces013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations49Wasabi and Namida011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations50The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation Meeting011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations83Ohnoki's Justice011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations52Sasuke's Shadow011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations51Boruto's Birthday011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control6Conflict550NoNoFunimationSubDefined side view of Woman in shower in first 60 seconds. Mashu loses an Arm.
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control11Control021NoNoFunimationSub
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control3Conspiracy003NoNoFunimationSub
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control4Conversion011NoNoFunimationSub
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control5Cultivation013NoNoFunimationSub
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control1Complication021NoNoFunimationSub
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control7Composition011NoNoFunimationSub
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control10Collision021NoNoFunimationSub
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control8Confidence001NoNoFunimationSub
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control2Coincidence010NoNoFunimationSub
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control9Collapse000NoNoFunimationSub
Castle in the SkyN/AN/A010NoNoDisneyDub
Cells at Work!1Pneumococcus033NoNoFunimationSub
Cells at Work!2Scrape Wound000NoNoFunimationSub
Cells at Work!3Influenza140NoNoFunimationSubExcessive Blood
Cells at Work!13Hemorrhagic Shock Part 2040NoNoFunimationSubExcessive Blood
Cells at Work!5Cedar Pollen Allergies011NoNoFunimationSub
Cells at Work!6Erythroblasts and Myelocytes041NoNoFunimationSubExcessive Blood
Cells at Work!7Cancer Cell043NoNoFunimationSubExcessive Blood
Cells at Work!8Blood Circulation031NoNoFunimationSub
Cells at Work!9Thymocyte011NoNoFunimationSub
Cells at Work!10Staphylococcus Aureus041NoNoFunimationSubExcessive Blood
Cells at Work!11Heat Stroke043NoNoFunimationSubExcessive Blood
Cells at Work!12Hemorrhagic Shock Part 1043NoNoFunimationSubExcessive Blood
Cells at Work!4Food Poisoning041NoNoFunimationSubExcessive Blood
Cells at Work SpecialN/AN/A043NoNoFunimationSubExcessive Blood
Chi's New Address1Chi Goes West.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address2Chi is Taken Away.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address11Chi, Goes Climbing.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address3Chi Runs Away.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address4Chi Decides Again.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address5Chi Prepares.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address6Chi Imagines.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address7Chi, Reminisced.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address8Chi Moves.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address9Chi, Smells Things.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address10Chi, Goes Exploring.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address21Chi, Goes Outside.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address12Chi, Frets.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address67Chi, Is Discovered.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address77Chi, Crosses the Sea000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address76Chi, Falls Over000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address75Chi, Boasts000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address74Chi, Leaps.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address73Chi, Becomes Popular.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address72Chi, Looks Up.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address71Chi, Experience.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address13Chi, Has An Idea.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address69Chi, Scoops.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address68Chi, Goes Down.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address66Chi, Is Followed.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address79Chi, Rides A Horse000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address65Chi, Is Treated.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address64Chi, Rides Out of Danger.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address63Chi, Is In Sync.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address62Chi, Is Sucked Up.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address61Chi, Pursues.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address60Chi, Takes Refuge From the Rain.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address59Chi, Gets Wet.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address58Chi, Wishes Upon A Star.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address57Chi, Trims The Bamboo Tree.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address56Chi, Is Admired.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address55Chi, Dives.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address78Chi, Rides Through Hokkaido000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address80Chi, Scares People000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address53Chi, Rolls Around.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address94Chi, Panics.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address104Chi, Makes a Family000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address103Chi, Runs.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address102Chi, Renews Her Promise.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address101Chi, is Happy.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address100Chi, Reunited.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address99Chi, Collapses.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address98Chi, Continues.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address97Chi, Conveys a Message.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address96Chi, Stays the Night.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address95Chi, is Surrounded.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address93Chi, is Mistaken.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address81Chi, is Surrounded000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address92Chi, Sows Seeds.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address91Chi, Puts Out a Performance.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address90Chi, Has a Meeting.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address89Chi, Gets Tangled.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address88Chi, Goes Together.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address87Chi, is Shown Gratitude.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address86Chi, Plays in the Yard000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address85Chi, is Chaperoned000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address84Chi, Meets a Northern Fox.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address83Chi, Sees Stars000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address82Chi, Meets a Cow000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address54Chi, Runs About Here and There.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address70Chi, Goes Along.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address52Chi, Goes Home.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address23Chi, Returns.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address30Chi, is Followed.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address29Chi, is Fallen in Love With.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address28Chi, Makes Friends.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address27Chi, Gets Mad.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address26Chi, Is Stopped.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address25Chi, Leaves Pawprints.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address24Chi, Is Invited In.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address51Chi, Speeds Off.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address32Chi, Runs Around.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address20Chi, Frolics About.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address19Chi, Welcomes.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address18Chi, Gets Even.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address17Chi, Goes Into The Yard.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address16Chi, Challenged!000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address15Chi, Says Hello (Part 2).000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address14Chi, Says Hello (Part 1).000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address31Chi, is Carried.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address22Chi, Gets Dizzy.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address33Chi, Keeps Waiting.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address44Chi, Looks Up The Sky.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address45Chi, Is Treated.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address46Chi, Is Washed.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address47Chi, Is Opened Up.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address48Chi, Brushes Her Teeth.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address49Chi, Is Tested.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address50Chi, Gets In The Car.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address34Chi, is Impersonated.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address43Chi, Makes Her Debut.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address41Chi, Wanders Aimlessly.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address42Chi, is Told a Story.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address40Chi, Celebrates.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address39Chi, is Confused.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address38Chi, Tastes.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address37Chi, Makes Sure Of.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address36Chi, Doesn't Sleep.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's New Address35Chi, Goes Through.000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Chi's Sweet Home24Chi Hates000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home25Chi Obsesses000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home47Chi Sticks.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home45Chi Gets Attention.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home44Chi Reports.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home43Chi is Edible.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home42Chi Encounters.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home46Chi Collects Interest.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home38Chi Has A Quarrel000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home41Chi Stands Firm.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home31Chi House Sits (Part 1)000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home37Chi Is Deeply Moved000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home36Chi Is Found000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home35Chi Sees000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home34Chi Wants To See000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home33Chi Finds000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home32Chi House Sits (Part 2)000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home30Chi is Lured000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home40Chi Has A Showdown000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home29Chi Prevents From Leaving000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home28Chi Gets Her Claws Clipped000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home27Chi Misunderstands000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home26Chi Chooses000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home22Chi Goes To The Hospital (Part 2)000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home39Chi Takes A Bath000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home23Chi Goes To The Hospital. (Part 3)000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home53Chi Rebels.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home21Chi Goes To The Hospital (Part 1)000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home15Chi Plays000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home60Chi Chases.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home59Chi Surprises.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home58Chi Gets Thrown Out.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home57Chi Gets Excited.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home56Chi Finds Comrades.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home9Chi Remembers000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home10Chi Dreams000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home11Chi Is Adopted000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home12Chi Decides000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home13Chi Gets Excited000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home14Chi Accepts000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home16Chi Gets In The Way000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSubcharacter
Chi's Sweet Home48Chi Feigns Ignorance.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home17Chi Runs Away000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home18Chi Takes A Walk000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home62Chi Stays Close.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home55Chi Grows Timid.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home54Chi Resists.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home19Chi Explores000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home20Chi Is Left Alone000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home52Chi Goes Home.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home51Chi Practices.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home50Chi Learns.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home49Chi Pursues.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home79Chi Hides Some More.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home61Chi Cuddles.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home104Chi Discovers.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home88Chi Makes Peace.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home69Chi Thinks.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home68Chi Kneads.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home67Chi Finds.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home66Chi Sulks.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home65Chi Wants.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home77Chi Doesn't Get It.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home87Chi Hides More.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home71Chi Overeats.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home86Chi Hides.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home85Chi Opens.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home84Chi Is Seen.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home90Chi Is Attacked.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home64Chi Annoys.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home78Chi Hides.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home70Chi Tastes.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home72Chi Hangs Around.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home75Chi Likes.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home96Chi Learns.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home91Chi Is Interested.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home92Chi Hits It Off.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home93Chi Learns.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home103Chi Cries.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home94Chi Is Cornered.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home95Chi Rests.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home97Chi Strives.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home98Chi Desires.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home102Chi Sees Off.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home101Chi Promises.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home100Chi Begs.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home99Chi Waits.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home74Chi Gets Brushed.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home73Chi Sheds.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home76Chi Breaks.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home89Chi Is Photographed.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home3Chi Has A Tough Time000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home1Chi Gets Lost000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home7Chi Gets Disappointed000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home83Chi Plays A Game.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home82Chi Fails.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home6Chi Continues000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home5Chi Begins000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home4Chi Forgets000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home81Chi Learns.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home80Chi Is Found.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home63Chi Turns Around.000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home8Chi Understands000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chi's Sweet Home2Chi Is Picked Up000NoNoDiscoTek MediaSub
Chobits1Chi Awakens403NoNoFunimationSubNear Nudity. Lots of mention of "Porn Sites" and various body parts. Grabs characters vaginal area to turn on "switch".
Chobits2Chi Goes Out400NoNoFunimationSubRobot character has body checked for serial number. Scantily dressed Robots.
Chobits3Chi Learns003NoNoFunimationSubCharacter References her Boobs
Clannad1On The Hillside Path Where The Cherry Blossoms Flutter010NoYesYahooSub
Clannad2The First Step010NoNoYahooSub
Clannad3Once Again After Crying110NoNoYahooSub
Clannad4Let's Find Friends110NoNoYahooSub
Clannad5The Scenery With A Carving000NoNoYahooSub
Cowboy Bebop2Stray Dog Strut011NoYesFunimationSub
Cowboy Bebop1Asteroid Blues111NoYesFunimationSub
Cowboy Bebop4Gateway Shuffle533NoNoFunimationSubcharacter holding a porn magazine, multiple nude female forms shown, although not detailed.
Cowboy Bebop3Honky Tonk Women231NoYesFunimationSub
Dances with the Dragons2The Cardinal's Celebration431NoNoCrunchyrollSubA man is shown lying on top of his girlfriend. He says mildly suggestive things while reaching up her shirt. The scene cuts and the next thing you see is her climbing out of bed with the blanket wrapped around her.
Dances with the Dragons9Revelation of Malice301NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dances with the Dragons5Goddess of Revenge041NoNoCrunchyrollSubAn intense battle where a mans arm gets cut off. He is healed in the end.
Dances with the Dragons6Bad Omen421NoNoCrunchyrollSubYou see a couple engaging in foreplay, the woman in a skimpy police uniform.
Dances with the Dragons8Calm Days and Lonely Nights040NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dances with the Dragons1Calamitous Song of Jushiki and Swords032NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dances with the Dragons4Ballet of the Winged021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dances with the Dragons7Invitation to an Evening Party040NoNoCrunchyrollSubA group of people die in a gas attack in battle.
Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody2A City Tour That Started with a Death March100NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody10Hunting Song That Started With a Death March000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody7Camping Lessons That Began With a Death March110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody9Deeply Held Attachment That Started With a Death March120NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody3Love That Started With a Death March120NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody4Labyrinth Exploration That Started With a Death March120NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody6City Defense That Began With a Death March010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody1The Catastrophe That Started with a Death March010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody8Immortality That Began With a Death March310NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody11The Fantasy Conspiracy That Started With a Death March110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody12A Trip to the Underworld That Started With a Death March411NoNoCrunchyrollSubA conjured woman disrobes for "magical foundation adjustment" To avoid skip 14:45 to 17:00
Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody5The Crazy Princess That Started With a Death March400NoNoCrunchyrollSubA woman is naked, her breasts are covered by hair, trying to seduce a man. He isn't interested at all.
Death Note21Performance000NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note22Guidance001NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note23Frenzy023NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note24Revival000NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note25Silence033NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note26Renewal000NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note12Love021NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note27Abduction001NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note28Impatience021NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note20Makeshift000NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note29Father230NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note31Transfer131NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note32Selection020NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note33Scorn000NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note34Vigilance001NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note35Malice330NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note361.28 (January 28)000NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note37New World041NoNoNetflixSubCharacter Bleeds Profusely
Death Note13Confession000NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note14Friend001NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note30Justice400NoNoNetflixSubShower Scene
Death Note11Assault032NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note10Doubt001NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note2Confrontation031NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note18Ally000NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note17Execution101NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note15Wager003NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note9Encounter001NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note1Rebirth021NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note19Matsuda101NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note3Dealings000NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note4Pursuit031NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note5Tactics030NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note6Unraveling030NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note7Overcast000NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note8Glare000NoNoNetflixSub
Death Note16Decision001NoNoNetflixSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba11Tsuzumi Mansion053NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba10Together Forever051NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba9Temari Demon and Arrow Demon053NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba8The Smell of Enchanting Blood053NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba7Muzan Kibutsuji053NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba6Swordsman Accompanying a Demon053NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba24Rehabilitation Training043NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba26New Mission051NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba17You Must Master a Single Thing053NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba3Sabito and Makomo013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba2Trainer Sakonji Urokodaki053NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba1Cruelty041NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba14The House with the Wisteria Family Crest023NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba15Mount Natagumo052NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba16Letting Someone Else Go First053NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba18A Forged Bond053NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba25Tsuguko, Kanao Tsuyuri233NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba19Hinokami051NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba20Pretend Family150NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba21Against Corps Rules050NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba23Hashira Meeting020NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba4Final Selection053NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba5My Own Steel051NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba22Master of the Mansion021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba12The Boar Bares its Fangs, Zenitsu Sleeps053NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba13Something More Important Than Life051NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball106Demon Beast Tambourine is Coming!!031NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball77Pilaf's Great Strategy510NoNoFunimationSubGoku Naked
Dragon Ball120Goku: Rage at Full Power!!030NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball121Son Goku's Greatest Crisis021NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball122The Final Gamble041NoNoFunimationSubA hole is punched through Piccolo
Dragon Ball69The Possibly Cute Fortuneteller Baba501NoNoFunimationSubGoku Naked
Dragon Ball70Attack! We Five Fighters033NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball71A Bloody and Desperate Battle!523NoNoFunimationSubBulma Briefly Topless
Dragon Ball72Meet Son Goku! The Demons' Toilet510NoNoFunimationSubBulma Briefly Topless
Dragon Ball73What is the Deadly Devil Might Beam!?013NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball74The Mysterious Fifth Man031NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball75A Clash!! Powerful Adversaries010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball76The Identity of the Masked Man010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball78Shen Long, Again510NoNoFunimationSubGoku Naked
Dragon Ball118Tenshinhan's Determination011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball79Kinkaku and Ginkaku's Man-Eating Gourd021NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball80Imperial Match! Goku vs. Ten Long010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball81Goku Goes to the Demon World010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball82The Ferocious Beast, Inoshi Kacho010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball83Hurry to the Tenkaichi Martial Arts Tournament, Goku!013NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball84Aim to Be the World's Best Martial Artist!!110NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball85Devoted to Victory!! Qualifier Survival013NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball86It's Decided!! Eight Brave Men010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball87Showdown!! Yamcha vs. Tenshinhan010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball88Onwards, Yamcha! The Incredible Tenshinhan013NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball89Scary!! The Full Moon's Grudge013NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball90Nanana!! What, a Dodon Wave?011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball119Will it Work?! The Legendary Mafuba021NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball117Son Goku Finally Departs!!011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball107Son Goku: Explosive Rage!!031NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball145Piccolo-Daimao's Super Giant-Body Technique013NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball108Piccolo-Daimao Descends!!021NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball109Son Goku vs. Piccolo-Daimao022NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball110Keep at it! Son Goku!!011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball111The Turtle Hermit's Last Mafuba031NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball153Mt. Frypan is Burning! An Instant Do-or-Die Journey002NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball152Hurry, Goku! The Mysterious Mountain of Five Elements012NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball151Thanks to Chi Chi's Homemaker Training...011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball150The Phantom Fire-Eating Bird200NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball149Wedding Dress in Flames013NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball148Hooray! The Earth's Strongest Man151NoNoFunimationSubFlashback
Dragon Ball147Nothing More That Can Be Done!!053NoNoFunimationSubFlashback
Dragon Ball146Son Goku's Trap051NoNoFunimationSubPiccolo tears his own arm off
Dragon Ball144Let Loose! The Ultimate Super Kamehameha013NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball116The Turtle Hermit Lives?!010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball143A Gamble on the Fate of the Earth!051NoNoFunimationSubFlash back to first Piccolo fight
Dragon Ball142Who is Stronger?! Kami vs. Piccolo-Daimao011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball141Four Tenshinhans011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball140True Strength010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball139Another Fierce Fight! Goku vs. Tenshinhan011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball138The Mysterious Man, Shen013NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball137Son Goku's Marriage113NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball136The Assassin Taopaipai's Counterattack013NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball112Newfound Youth?! Piccolo-Daimao001NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball113King Castle, on Offense and Defense!!043NoNoFunimationSubA hole is punched through a castle guard
Dragon Ball114Goku's Wish!! Even Karin-sama is worried023NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball115Go Get It! The Mysterious Super God Water031NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball91A Sudden Reversal!! Kuririn's Great Strategy011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball105A Mysterious Man: Enter Yajirobe!!033NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball124Temple Above the Clouds043NoNoFunimationSubKilling done by Piccolo
Dragon Ball127Faster than Lightning!!110NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball16Training - The Rock Hunt011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball17With Life at Stake! Milk Delivery011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball18The Turtle Hermit's Intense Training500NoNoFunimationSubGoku Naked
Dragon Ball19The Tenkaichi Tournament Begins!000NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball20Will it Appear!? The Power From the Training110NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball132Hotter than Magma011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball22Yamucha vs. Jackie Chun310NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball23He's Here! The Mighty Foe Giran310NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball24Kuririn's Desperate Offensive and Defensive Battle511NoNoFunimationSubGoku Naked
Dragon Ball14Goku's Rival? Appears!!510NoYesFunimationSubFront of "Nude" Magazine, Goku Naked
Dragon Ball25Get Up, Goku! The Fearsome Tenku Pekeji-ken010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball26The Final Round!! Kamehame-Ha010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball27Goku's Greatest Pinch010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball28Clash!! Power vs. Power510NoNoFunimationSubGoku Naked
Dragon Ball29Another Adventure - The Wandering Lake510NoNoFunimationSubGoku Naked
Dragon Ball30Pilaf and the Mysterious Army520NoNoFunimationSubGoku Naked
Dragon Ball31Yikes! A Fake Goku Appears!!010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball32Vanished!? The Flying Fortress in the Sky010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball33Legend of the Dragon110NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball15The Peculiar Girl, Lunch110NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball13Goku's Great Transformation510NoNoFunimationSubGoku Naked
Dragon Ball35Suno, Girl of the North010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball92Hang on! Son Goku is here!!013NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball133Reunion Before the Storm010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball134Trouble at the Tenkaichi Tournament111NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball135The Chosen Eight011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball130Goku's Opponent is... Goku?!011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball123The Nyoibo's Secret041NoNoFunimationSubKilling done by Piccolo
Dragon Ball1Bulma and Son Goku510NoNoFunimationSubGoku Naked
Dragon Ball2What the...?! No Balls!510NoNoFunimationSubGoku Naked
Dragon Ball3The Turtle Hermit's Kinto Un230NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball4Oolong, the Kidnapping Monster310NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball104Come Back to Life, Son Goku!!033NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball12The Wish to Shen Long010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball5Yamcha, The Strong Yet Cruel Desert Bandit511NoNoFunimationSubGoku Naked
Dragon Ball6Midnight Callers410NoNoFunimationSubShower Scene with Bulma
Dragon Ball129Time Traveler Goku113NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball7Mt. Frypan's Gyumao110NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball8The Turtle Hermit's Kamehameha303NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball9The Rabbit Boss' Special Technique010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball10The Dragon Balls are Stolen!!!010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball11At Last the Dragon Appears!010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball128Quiet as the Sky510NoNoFunimationSubNaked Goku
Dragon Ball34The Heartless Red Ribbon010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball21Watch Out! Kuririn310NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball36The Terror of Muscle Tower010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball37Enter Ninja Murasaki510NoNoFunimationSubFront of "Nude" Magazines
Dragon Ball60A Battle!! The Kamehameha vs. the Dodonpa033NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball61Karin-sama of Karin Tower023NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball62What Will the Effect of the Super Spirit Water Be!?030NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball63Son Goku's Revenge110NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball64The End of Taopaipai220NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball65Go, Goku! Commence Assault320NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball66The Red Ribbon Army Desperately Fights Back013NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball67Commander Red Perishes!!030NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball68The Last Dragon Ball033NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball94Gegege!! The New Crane Hermit School Technique: Taiyoken011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball58The Sacred, Yet Ominous Land of Karin030NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball95Fight!! Goku vs. Kuririn010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball96Really, Goku?! Kuririn's Great Strategy010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball97The Finals!! The World's Greatest Martial Artist is...?!010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball98The Secret Technique Haikyuken vs. Fighting Power013NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball99Tenshinhan in Distress!!013NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball100Life?! Death?! A Last Resort011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball101The Martial Arts Tournament Comes to an End! And Then...!!030NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball102The Terrifying Conspiracy of Kuririn's Death!!031NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball103The Terror of Piccolo-Daimao!031NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball59It's Him! The World's Greatest Assassin, Taopaipai030NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball93Evenly Matched!! Tenshinhan vs. Jackie113NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball57A Face-off! Arale vs. Blue011NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball46Bulma's Big Failure520NoNoFunimationSubGoku Naked
Dragon Ball38Be Afraid!! The Split-Image Technique010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball39The Mysterious Cyborg No. 8010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball40What Now, Goku!!? The Horrible Buyon013NoYesFunimationSub
Dragon Ball41The End of Muscle Tower013NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball42Imminent Danger!! Go for it, Ha-chan010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball43Bulma's House in Metro West010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball56Woohoo! Arale Rides the Cloud010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball45Watch Out! A Mid-Air Trap510NoNoFunimationSubGoku Naked
Dragon Ball126Shen Long is Resurrected!!023NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball125Kami-sama Appears!!013NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball44Goku and Friends and Tons of Danger010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball131Each on Their Own Way010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball49Lunch-san in Danger213NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball55Lo! Chased to Penguin Village010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball47Kame House is Discovered!!510NoNoFunimationSubGoku Naked
Dragon Ball48General Blue Begins Attacking!!020NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball54Run! Run! The Great Escape020NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball53The Eyes that Sparkle with Terror010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball51The Security Guard at the Bottom of the Ocean010NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball52We Did It! Treasure Discovered113NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball50The Pirates' Traps210NoNoFunimationSub
Dragon Ball Super92Emergency Development! The Incomplete Ten Members!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super42Trouble at the Victory Celebration! Showdown at Last?! Monaka vs. Son Goku!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super43Goku's "Ki" is Out of Control?! Looking After Pan is A Lot of Trouble!110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super44Seal of Planet Potofu - Secret of the Superhuman Water Is Unleashed!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super47An SOS from the Future! A Dark New Enemy Emerges!!020NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super45Vegeta Disappears?! The Threat of Duplicated Vegeta!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super46Goku vs. Duplicated Vegeta! Who's Gonna Win?!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super94The Emperor of Evil Returns! A Reception of Mysterious Assassins?!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super48Hope!! Once More Awaken in the Present, Trunks021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super49A Message from the Future - Goku Black Strikes!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super50Goku vs. Black! The Closed Path to the Future010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super51Feelings That Travel Beyond Time - Trunks and Mai020NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super93You're The Tenth Warrior! Goku Goes To See Frieza!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super112A Saiyan's Vow! Vegeta's Resolution!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super95The Worst! The Most Evil! Frieza's Rampage!!131NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super103Gohan, Show No Mercy! Showdown With Universe 10!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super110Son Goku Wakes! New Level of the Awakened!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super109The Ultimate Enemy Approaches Goku! Now, Let Loose! The Killer Spirit Bomb!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super108Frieza and Frost! Conjoined Malice?!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super107Revenge "F" The Cunning Trap?!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super106Find Him! Death Match With An Invisible Attacker!!050NoNoCrunchyrollSubPiccolos arms get blasted of by an energy beam and he regenerates them.
Dragon Ball Super105A Desperate Battle! Master Roshi's Sacrifice!!110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super104The Ultimate High Speed Battle Begins! Goku and Hit Join Forces!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super102The Power of Love Explodes?! Universe 2's Little Witch Warriors!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super96The Time Is Here! To The World Of Void For The Fate Of The Universe!!110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super113With Great Joy! The Repeat Battle-Crazy Saiyan Fight!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super126Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Desperate Blow!!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super101The Impending Warriors of Justice! The Pride Troopers!!110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super100Out Of Control! The Savage Berserker Awakens!!110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super99Show Them! Krillin's True Power!!110NoNoCrunchyrollsub
Dragon Ball Super111The Surreal Supreme Battle! Hit vs Jiren!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super97Survive! The Tournament of Power Begins at Last!!110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super98Oh, Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super61Zamasu's Ambition - The Awful "Zero Mortal Plan" Is Revealed010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super91Which Universe Will Survive?! The Strongest Warriors Are Gathering!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super60Back to the Future - Goku Black's Identity Is Revealed!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super52Teacher and Student Reunited - Son Gohan and "Future" Trunks010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super53Uncover Black's Identity! To the Sacred World of the Kais!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super54The One Who Inherits the Saiyan Blood - Trunk's Resolve010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super55I Want to See Son Goku - Zen-Oh Sama's Summoning!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super56Rematch With Goku Black! Super Saiyan Rosé Appears010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super57The God With the Immortal Body - Zamasu Descends011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super58Zamasu and Black - The Mystery of the Two Deepens010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super59Protect Supreme Kai Gowasu - Destroy Zamasu!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super62I'll Protect the World! Trunks' Furious Super Power Explodes!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super90See The Wall That Must Be Passed! Goku vs Gohan010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super63Don't Disrespect Saiyan Cells! Vegeta's Heroic Battle Begins!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super64Revere Him! Praise Him! Fusion Zamasu's Explosive Birth!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super65Is This the Final Judgement?! The Ultimate Power of the Absolute God011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super66The Climactic Battle! The Miraculous Power of a Relentless Warrior!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super67With New Hope!! In Our Hearts - Farewell, Trunks011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super68Come Forth, Shenlong! Whose Wish Will Be Granted?!110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super123Body and Soul, Full Power Release! Goku and Vegeta!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super69Goku vs. Arale! A Ridiculous Battle Will End the Earth?!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super124The Fiercely Overwhelming Assault! Gohan's Last Stand!!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super127The Approaching Wall! The Final Barrier of Hope!!023NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super70Champa's Challenge! This Time We Fight with Baseball!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super71The Death of Goku! The Guaranteed Assassination Mission010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super81Bergamo the Crusher Vs Son Goku! Which One Wields the Limitless Power?!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super89An Unknown Beauty Appears! The Tenshin-Style Dojo's Mystery?!210NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super88Gohan and Piccolo Teacher and Pupil Clash in Max Training!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super87Hunt the Poachers! Goku and No. 17's United Front!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super86Fist Cross for the First Time! Android #17 VS Son Goku!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super85The Universes Begin to Make Their Moves Their Individual Motives010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super84Son Goku the Recruiter Invites Krillin and No. 18010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super83Form the Universe 7 Representing Team! Who are the Strongest Ten?!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super72Will There Be a Counterattack?! The Invisible Killing Strike!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super82Never Forgive Son Goku! Toppo the Warrior of Justice Intrudes!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super80Awaken Your Sleeping Battle Spirit! Son Gohan's Fight!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super79Universe 9's Basil the Kicker VS Universe 7's Majin Buu!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super78The Gods of Every Universe in Shock?! Losers Erased in the Tournament of Power010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super77Let's Do It, Zen-Oh Sama! The All-Universe Martial Arts Tournament!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super76Defeat These Terrifying Enemies! Krillin's Fighting Spirit Returns!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super75Goku and Krillin Back to the Old Training Grounds110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super74For the Ones He Loves! The Unbeatable Great Saiyaman!!110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super73Gohan's Misfortune! An Unexpected Great Saiyaman Movie?!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super114Intimidating Passion! The Birth of a New Super Warrior!!010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Dragon Ball Super: BrolyN/AN/A133NoNoFunimationDubStandard dragon ball violence. A woman adjust her armor around her breasts stating there is plenty of movement for her.
Dragon Ball Z: Bio-BrolyN/AN/A431NoNoFunimationDubnaked humanoid monsters without genitals. A child moons the monster and flips it off. Lots of dead bystanders and monsters
Dragon Ball Z: Bojack UnboundN/AN/A351NoNoFunimationDubSome fanservice oggling of women and a man is seen on a toilet with his pants down. Multiple characters are kicked in half and have holes punched though their chest. Some blood throughout.
Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second ComingN/AN/A431NoNoFunimationDubFull baby nudity. Child butt used to taunt villain.
Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's RevengeN/AN/A131NoNoFunimationDubA character is seen reading a girly magazine and there is general shonen violence and death.
Dragon Ball Z: Lord SlugN/AN/A140NoNoFunimationDubA character sos reading a girly magazine nothing too explicit shown. Lots of fighting and death. A character had a hole punched through him and blood flies everywhere.
Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!N/AN/A351NoNoFunimationDubSeveral bikini clad women in men’s fantasies. Multiple characters maimed and decapitated. A head is stomped into a puddle of blood and oil.
Dragon Ball Z: The Return of CoolerN/AN/A020NoNoFunimationDub
Dragon Ball Z: The World's StrongestN/AN/A131NoNoFunimationDubA character is seen sleeping with a girly magazine on his face. Multiple villains killed in the movie.
Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the DragonN/AN/A030NoNoFunimationDub
Dragon Ball Z Special 1: Bardock, The Father of GokuN/AN/A540NoNoFunimationDubFull frontal male baby nudity. Rear male nudity. Lots of killing medium blood. Character has hole punched through torso.
Eureka Seven2Blue Sky Fish010NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven22Crackpot430NoYesFunimationDubA male character is seen pooping naked with news paper covering groin area he is also seen walking out naked from the waist up only
Eureka Seven1Blue Monday010NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven23Differentia110NoYesFunimationDub
Eureka Seven24Paradise Lost130NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven32Start It Up030NoNoFunimationDubDead bodies from last episode carnage
Eureka Seven29Keep On Movin'101NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven30Change of Life200NoNoFunimationDubFemale character shown briefly naked in fetal position
Eureka Seven31Animal Attack150YesNoFunimationDubA large number of civilizations are slaughtered with blood and limbs flying on screen. A mother is seen smothering her child to death to quiet it then being killed herself in a splatter of blood
Eureka Seven3Motion Blue110NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven27Helter Skelter140NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven28Memento Mori151NoNoFunimationDub*Spoiler* Character blown up then shown crawling through blood to retrieve dismembered arm they lost
Eureka Seven21Runaway430NoNoFunimationDubcharacter shown nude after medical procedure though breast and genitals covered by camera angles
Eureka Seven20Substance Abuse152NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven43The Sunshine Underground030NoYesFunimationDub
Eureka Seven38Date of Birth030NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven39Join the Future000NoYesFunimationDub
Eureka Seven40Cosmic Trigger010NoYesFunimationDub
Eureka Seven41Acperience 3010NoYesFunimationDub
Eureka Seven35Astral Apache330NoNoFunimationDubA photo is shown of a woman dressing. She is topless but her breasts are covered by her arms.
Eureka Seven42Star Dancer241NoYesFunimationDubThere is a naked humanoid jelly person
Eureka Seven44It's All in the Mind030YesNoFunimationDub*spoiler* children are abducted subjected to experiments and killed in the process on screen
Eureka Seven33Pacific State300NoNoFunimationDubSame book with nude woman cover seen
Eureka Seven45Don't You Want Me?011NoYesFunimationDub
Eureka Seven46Planet Rock010NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven47Acperience 4000NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven48Ballet Mechanique032NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven49Shout to the Top!042NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven50Wish Upon a Star021NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven34Inner Flight030NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven26Morning Glory120NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven36Fantasia310NoNoFunimationDubTwo male characters have a long conversation in a japanese style bath.
Eureka Seven25World's End Garden310NoNoFunimationDubBriefly see book with naked woman from earlier for less than a second
Eureka Seven11Into the Nature130NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven37Raise Your Hand040NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven5Vivid Bit410NoYesFunimationDuba character tries to force themselves on another character pinning the female down laying on top of her. It is stopped by another character. One character accuses another of not having pubic hair
Eureka Seven6Childhood530NoNoFunimationDubA character is again teased for lack of pubic hair. A character is reading a book with a naked woman on the cover. A woman is seen in a photo shoot showing off her cleavage.
Eureka Seven7Absolute Defeat500NoNoFunimationDubA character is reading a book where we briefly see cover with naked female on it
Eureka Seven8Glorious Brilliance113NoNoFunimationDubA character is again teased for lack of pubic hair.
Eureka Seven10Higher Than the Sun130NoNoFunimationDubCharacter shown naked but covered in sheet
Eureka Seven9Paper Moon Shine130NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven12Acperience 1320NoNoFunimationDubA female is show naked from the side you can't see breasts just arms and legs and side butt
Eureka Seven13The Beginning111NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven14Memory Band110NoNoFunimationDubRecap episode
Eureka Seven15Human Behavior131NoYesFunimationDub
Eureka Seven16Opposite View121NoNoFunimationDubTye
Eureka Seven17Sky Rock Gate101NoYesFunimationDub
Eureka Seven18Ill Communication130NoNoFunimationDub*An adult hits a child multiple times for something he wasn't responsible for
Eureka Seven19Acperience 2110NoNoFunimationDub
Eureka Seven4Watermelon111NoNoFunimationSub
Eureka Seven - good night, sleep tight, young loversN/AN/A533NoNoFunimationDubA painting of nude woman seen multiple times with detailed breasts. Several characters seen nude but no details. Character accused of pedophilia not dipicted. A woman is nude with sensitive parts covered at end of film for an extended time. Two characters are crushed to death with limbs and blood showing from under the rubble.
Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) AloneN/AN/A541NoYesFunimationDubA humanoid is depicted crucified and missing a lower torso. A clothed male character trips and knocks over a toweled female character and lands on her naked body holding her breast. Same female is seen naked and dressing. Lots of robot monster violence.
Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?N/AN/A103NoYesGkidsSub
Flavors of Youth3Love in Shanghai000YesYesNetflixSubGirl beaten off scene
Flavors of Youth2A Little Fashion Show000NoYesNetflixSub
Flavors of Youth1The Rice Noodles040NoYesNetflixSubDeep Cut
FLCL6FLCLimax510NoYesUnknownDubA man is seen naked though genitals are blurred out. It is implied that he pleasures himself off screen. Some crude remarks and mild violence.
FLCL4Full Swing430NoNoUnknownDub*spoiler* A male gives a female a massage with his chis lots of sexual noises. It’s implies a child walks in on a couple being intimate with suggestive dialogue . It’s implied a boy beats his father to Seth but it didn't actually happen.
FLCL5Brittle Bullet410NoNoUnknownDubA woman wearing lingerie with he butt visible propositions a character to kisses her against his will while she straddles him. A male character stops to his underwear and comes on to a female who violently defects him in a comedic fashion. Various suggestive dialogue and shots.
FLCL3Marquis de Carabas310NoNoUnknownDubA girl accuses her dad's secretary with sleeping with her father. There is an upskirt shot of a girl. Another girl takes a shower and covers herself with her arm. While fighting a girls speedo is stolen then put back on by a character she is repeatedly kicking in the head.
FLCL2Fire Starter210NoYesUnknownDub
FLCL1Fooly Cooly410NoYesUnknownDubA female repeatedly pushes herself on a boy necking and chewing on his ear. The boots dad and grandfather tease him about fooling around with girls while the grandfather makes lewd gestures.
FLCL Alternative6Full Flat211NoYesWBDub
FLCL Alternative5Shake It Off311NoNoWBDubpool scenes
FLCL Alternative4Pit-a-Pat410NoNoWBDubBath scene with nudity strategically covered. A man drops his pants to get in tub with woman.
FLCL Alternative3Freestyle Collection411NoNoWBDubAll females strip bide while a character pretending to be a doctor complements them in their bodies including breasts. Only siloets and shoulders up visible
FLCL Alternative2Grown-Up Wannabe113NoNoWBDubA character tells a couple penis size related jokes
FLCL Alternative1Flying Memory211NoNoWBDub
FLCL Progressive6Our Running411NoNoWBDubA boy and girl are nude on separate occasions but nothing is shown.
FLCL Progressive5Fool on the Planet313NoNoWBDubA girl appears to force herself onto a guy. Mention of pubic hair or lack there of.
FLCL Progressive4LooPQR222NoNoWBDub
FLCL Progressive3Stone Skipping312NoNoWBDubBeach episode with 2 females in bikinis. A girl suggestively fondles her breasts. A woman forcibly takes off another's cloths revealing a swim suit.
FLCL Progressive2Freebie Honey151NoNoWBDubExtreme zombie violence and mild profanity
FLCL Progressive1RE: Start443NoNoWBDubPartial rear nudity, a girls body decays and chunks fall off as she runs away bleeding, a girl is forced to watch what sounds like porn by her teacher.
From Up on Poppy HillN/AN/A000NoNoDisneyDub
Fruits Basket 1st Season9Yuki Was My First Love113NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season8See You When You Get Back012NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season7Spring Comes020NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season6Perhaps We Should Invite Ourselves Over021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season5I've Been Fooling Myself013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season10It's Valentine's, After All011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season11This Is a Wonderful Inn111NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season12You Look Like You're Having Fun011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season13How Have You Been, My Brother?001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season25Summer Will Be Here Soon011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season14That's a Secret000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season16She Said Don't Step on Them!123NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season17This is for Uo-chan!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season18What's Important Is...010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season19I'm So Sorry!001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season3Let's Play Rich Man-Poor Man!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season20I Can't Believe You Picked It Up000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season4What Year Is She?221NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season21I Never Back Down from a Wave Fight000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season22Because I Was Happy010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season23You Look Well...011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season24Let's Go Home011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season1I'm Going010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season2They're All Animals!011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 1st Season15I Wouldn't Say That001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season25031NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season20000NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season13012NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season12001NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season18121NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season19101NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season21011NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season17000NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season16000NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season14101NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season22011NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season23012NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season24010NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season15001NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season1013NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season3011NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season4013NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season5002NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season6001NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season7013NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season8313NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season11001NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season2003NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season10011NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fruits Basket 2nd Season9313NONOCrunchyrollSub
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Movie - Conqueror of ShamballaN/AN/A350NoYesFunimationSubTwo homunculus fight to the death. Lots of blood and carnage
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of MilosN/AN/A051NoNoFunimationDubThe side of a woman's shirt is torn but nothing revealed aside from her torso, so leaving fanservice at 0. Lots of violence including decapitation, impalings, etc.
Future Boy Conan18Gun Boat013NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan16The Hut for Two000NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan17Battle010NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan22Rescue011NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan26Denouement000NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan25The End of Industria013NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan24Giganto023NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan23The Solar Tower013NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan21Residents Under the Ground023NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan20Going to Industria Again011NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan15Barren Land013NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan1Survivors of a Lost Island010NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan5Industria011NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan14A Day on the Island001NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan13High Harbor003NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan12Core Block013NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan11Escaping013NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan10Dr. Lao010NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan9The Salvage Ship010NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan8Escape011NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan7Chase011NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan6Dyce's Rebellion013NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan4The Barracuda013NoYesYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan3The First Friend013NoYesYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan2The Journey011NoNoYoutubeSub
Future Boy Conan19A Big Tidal Wave013NoNoYoutubeSub
Gamers!12Gamers and Billing System Talk400NoNoCrunchyrollSub13:07 to 16:50 is a bath scene with the girls. They mostly talk about games, but there is a short bit on sexual deviance. The scene is full of inappropriate camera angles, though details ar covered by things like the water, mist, and hair.
Gamers!7Keita Amano and Karen's Best Entertainment300NoNoCrunchyrollSubA pool date scene with several girls in bikinis
Gamers!11Gamers and Youth Continue200NoNoCrunchyrollSubNothing in the episode is actually inappropriate. The end scene has several girls in bikini though.
Gamers!4Karen Tendō and Slump Days300NoNoCrunchyrollSubThere is a very brief view of a girl in the shower, everything is covered.
Gamers!10Gamers and Next Stage104NoNoCrunchyrollSubNothing is shown, but 2 guys make inappropriate sexual jokes.
Gamers!1Keita Amano and Chapters of the Chosen320NoNoCrunchyrollSubSeveral women in Bikinis, and cleavage portrayed.
Gamers!2Tasuku Uehara and New Game+111NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gamers!3Chiaki Hoshinomori and StreetPass Communication100NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gamers!5Aguri and Communication Error100NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gamers!6Gamers and Wipeout "Game Over" / Karen Tendō and Surprise "Happy End"400NoNoCrunchyrollSubThere are flashes of scenes of a girl in a bikini in a dating sim, as well as an end credit scene with a sexualized picture of a girl in a bikini.
Gamers!8Erogamer and Watching Mode / Gamers and Half their Life Game200NoNoCrunchyrollSubThey play a board game about love, which includes a sexual innuendo.
Gamers!9Chiaki Hoshinomori and Account Hack301NoNoCrunchyrollSub2 characters are shown buying adult games, but the artwork is tame. There is also situational implication of inappropriate behaviour when a girl is surprised in her room by her sister. Nothing inappropriate is actually said or shown.
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri11Visitor400NoYesCrunchyrollSubThe episode starts with a female character in the bath
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri9The Hakone Mountain Night Battle420NoNoCrunchyrollSubThe characters undress for a hot spring
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri8Japan, Beyond the Gate000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri7The Princess's Decision310NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri6Ride of the Valkyries040NoNoCrunchyrollSubA Vicious Battle where bandits try to destroy and plunder a town, but are then mown down by advanced weaponry
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri5The Battle of Italica120NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri4To Unknown Lands420NoNoCrunchyrollSubThere is a non sexual bath scene with several women and children
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri3Fire Dragon330NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri2Two Military Forces040NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri1The Self-Defence Force Goes to Another World030NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri10Despair and Hope450NoNoCrunchyrollSuba Soldier's arm is cut off during a battle, and there is a scene where a woman is making sexual advances on a man
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri12What Would Itami Do200NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season4The Fire Dragon, Once More120NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season12Thus, They Fought There230NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season3Tuka Luna Marceau200NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season9Deadline410NoNoCrunchyrollSubYou see a woman taking a bath, she is covering herself.
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season10The Empress in Slave's Clothing310NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season11Paradrop230NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season8Lover211NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season7Dangerous Sisters110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season6The Magic City of Rondel210NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season1The Banquet Begins500YesYesCrunchyrollSubA Prince forces a slave to have violent sex with him off scene.
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season2The Imperial Capital Quake440NoYesCrunchyrollSub2 characters begin making out
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season5Decisive Battle131NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Genocidal OrganN/AN/A555YesYesFunimationDubBlurry scene of couple having sex and breasts. Lots of war death and explicit violence. ***Spoiler*** In one scene a group of comandos run through a building full of child soldiers and dozens of kids are killed in extremely violent ways with blood, organs, and brains going everywhere.
Ghost in the ShellN/AN/A555NoYesMangaDubMultiple F words. Lots of death and gore including bodies exploding and gore. Multiple occurrences of female nudity.
Goblin Slayer1The Fate of Particular Adventurers441YesNoCrunchyrollSubThere is a bloody fight with goblins with some graphic wounds and blood spatter. Women are attacked by goblins and have their clothes ripped off, it is implied they are raped.
Goblin Slayer2Goblin Slayer443YesNoCrunchyrollSubAt the beginning of the episode you have a back view of a woman sitting up out of bed in the nude. There is a battle with Goblins. a mention of goblins commiting rape.
Godzilla: City on the Edge of BattleN/AN/A042NoNoNetflixDubA large battle where several people die. There are also scenes of people voluntarily being absorbed into metal.
Godzilla: Planet of the MonstersN/AN/A042NoNoNetflixDubThere is a devastating battle against Godzilla, where many people die
Golden Kamuy3Kamuy Mosir551NoNoCrunchyrollSubSeveral men die from a bear attack. A man's finger is bitten off. A man bursts in on a couple having sex, their private parts are kept out of view.
Golden Kamuy4Grim Reaper041NoNoCrunchyrollSubThere are violent exchanges. A man has a skewer shoved through his cheek as torture. The results of further torture is seen after the fact.
Golden Kamuy5Race153NoNoCrunchyrollSubThe word rape is used towards two animals. There is very violent and bloody fighting.
Golden Kamuy1Wenkamuy151NoNoCrunchyrollSubThere are trench warfare flashbacks and other violent scenes. The worst are a man getting stabbed in the face and a dead man being skinned which is viewed indirectly.
Golden Kamuy7Complication141NoNoCrunchyrollSubA man is killed by a wolf
Golden Kamuy8Eyes of a Murderer351NoNoCrunchyrollSubA few people are murdered. The psychopathic murderer has a light glow over his crotch every time he thinks about murder.
Golden Kamuy9Gleaming451NoNoCrunchyrollSubThis episode has the same psychopathic murderer. A man is killed extremely violently.
Golden Kamuy10Fellow Traveler153YesNoCrunchyrollSubThere is a very gory scene where a man's ear is ripped off by a bear attack, then his other ear is cut off as torture.
Golden Kamuy2Nopperabo121NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Golden Kamuy6Hunter's Soul453NoNoCrunchyrollSubYou see a bear gutted. You also see a naked man from behind before he takes a bath. A man mentions having a "boner"
Granblue Fantasy The Animation6The Veil is Lifted111NoNoNetflixSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation13Extra 1: Another Sky310NoNoNetflixSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation1Girl in Blue043NoNoNetflixSubGaping Wound
Granblue Fantasy The Animation2Departure000NoNoNetflixSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation3Meet the Wind110NoNoNetflixSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation5The Storm Guardian011NoNoNetflixSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation4A Helmsman's Resolve112NoNoNetflixSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation12Showdown on the High Seas211NoNoNetflixSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation10Separation010NoNoNetflixSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation11Lyria's Wish010NoNoNetflixSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation7The Iron Giant113NoNoNetflixSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation8A Pair Apart010NoNoNetflixSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation9Horizon in the Clouds003NoNoNetflixSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation: Kabocha no LanternN/AN/A010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 25Katalina and Vira121NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 23False Freedom110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 213Another Journey210NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 211Contract110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 21Skyfarers in the Blue211NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 22The Albion Citadel100NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 212Signpost110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 210The Impossible Dream013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 29The Town of Promises011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 28Memories of Family110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 27The Immortal Primal Beast111NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 26The Mist-Shrouded Island010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 24Unconveyable Feelings111NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Grave of the FirefliesN/AN/A240YesNoSentaiDubSetsuko running around "Naked". Several scenes of war related violence and death including piles of corpses and burned bodies. Suffering and Death of a child.
Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions3Are Goblin Pouches Filled with Our Dreams?130NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions11Between Life and Death033NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions1Whisper, Chant, Prayer, Awaken113NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions8In My Memories with You030NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions9How to Rest100NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions10I'm Not Fit to Be a Leader030NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions7They Were Called Goblin Slayers410NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions12See You Tomorrow...131NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions2Long Day of the Trainee Volunteer Soldier131NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions6Her Circumstances030NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions5Crying Doesn't Mean You're Weak. Enduring Doesn't Mean You're Strong.203NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions4Sky Dancing with Ash031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Gurren Lagann5I Don't Get It, Not One Bit!323NoNoAniplexDub
Gurren Lagann4Having Multiple Faces Makes You Great!?213NoNoAniplexDubA women Hugs a boy pushing his face into her breasts
Gurren Lagann9What, Exactly, Is a Human?334NoNoAniplexDub
Gurren Lagann18Tell Me the Secrets of This World.133NoNoAniplexDub
Gurren Lagann27The Lights in the Sky Are Stars232NoNoAniplexDub
Gurren Lagann26Let's Go, Buddy212NoNoAniplexDub
Gurren Lagann25I Accept Your Last Wish!233NoNoAniplexDub
Gurren Lagann24I'll Never Forget This Minute, This Second533NoNoAniplexDubGiant naked space woman with naughty bits covered by clouds
Gurren Lagann23Let's Go, This is the Final Battle211YesNoAniplexDub*Spoiler* Attempted suicide.
Gurren Lagann22That is My Last Duty121NoNoAniplexDub
Gurren Lagann21You Are Someone Who Ought to Survive323NoNoAniplexDubLots of shots of boobs in a bikini top from different angles.
Gurren Lagann20How Far Will God Test Us?523NoNoAniplexDubMale shower scene rear nudity.
Gurren Lagann19We Will Survive by Any Means Necessary133NoNoAniplexDub
Gurren Lagann6Sit in the Hot Tub 'Till You're Sick!!434NoYesAniplexDubEdited TV Broadcast version of episode 6. All atempts to view girls naked removed though girl still accidentally flashes guys nothing shown. Steam used to obscure some content still see butts.
Gurren Lagann3Who Do You Think You Are, Having Two Faces!?223NoNoAniplexDub
Gurren Lagann2I Said I'm Gonna Pilot That Thing!!333NoNoAniplexDubA very gay character teases another and says he should “try it” he might like it with distinct sexual undertones. character calls another a bas****d. A woman wears revealing cloths and pushes her breasts against a guy during combat.
Gurren Lagann7You're Gonna Do It!!523NoNoAniplexDubSmall male child full frontal nudity. Adults naked from previous episode but obscured by objects.
Gurren Lagann8Later, Buddy133NoNoAniplexDub
Gurren Lagann17You Don't Know Anything!033NoNoAniplexDub
Gurren Lagann16Compilation Episode343NoNoAniplexDubRecap episode
Gurren Lagann15I Will Head Towards Tomorrow241NoNoAniplexDubA character has a giant hole blown through their chest
Gurren Lagann14Well Met, Everyone233NoNoAniplexDub
Gurren Lagann13Eat Up, Everyone!333NoNoAniplexDuba small rodent jumps into a woman’s cleavage and stays there most of the episode. Lots of fan service angles.
Gurren Lagann12Yoko, Will You Do Me a Favor?333NoNoAniplexDubBeach episode with me complaining about women not showing enough skin
Gurren Lagann11Simon, Hands Off213NoNoAniplexDub
Gurren Lagann10Who Is This Bro?123NoNoAniplexDub
Gurren Lagann1Bust Through the Heavens with Your Drill!312NoNoNetflixDubThe main female lead wears a bikini. A boy accidentally falls into a women’s breasts and she pulls him closer because something scares her. Mild violence.
Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto2I Want to Protect, Rather Than Be Protected // Starting Today, I Can Use the Love Psychology Technique200NoNoSentaiDubA male character is wearing nothing but boxers for no apparent reason in class. A male character suggestively changes though not much is shown.
Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto1Sakamoto of Class 1-2 // Bee Quiet201NoNoSentaiDubSeveral male student strip to their boxers to avoid a bee.
Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto8The Cultural Festival is Gloomy100NoNoSentaiDubA male character is seen wearing boxers in class.
Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto10Demon Lord // Lacking Thing011NoNoSentaiDub
Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto11No Need for Warmth // 1-2 Memories300NoYesSentaiDubA male character is seen wearing boxers in class. Several characters at beach but quite tame for anime.
Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto3The Gopher, Sakamoto // Hide and Seek of Love000NoNoSentaiDub
Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto4Is Sakamoto A Pervert? // Classroom Scene Omnibus // The Summer of Sakamoto's Disappearance300NoYesSentaiDubA teacher tries to teach a sex Ed course but it’s not very explicit. There are depictions of carnival girls.
Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto5Softball Throwing // Charisma Yankee Senior 8823 // Health Care110NoNoSentaiDubA male character is seen in boxers. A character is hit with a ball and bleeds a lot from his nose.
Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto6Go Home Rules // Love Acrossing Camera // Cafeteria Marketing100NoNoSentaiDubA male character is seen wearing boxers in class.
Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto7Is Sakamoto Really A Pervert? // Sera's French Revolution300NoNoSentaiDub***SPOILERS*** Multiple male characters stop to underwear . A character is blackmailed into renting porn for other characters. Nothin explicit shown and characters decide not to watch it.
Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto12So Long, Sakamoto-kun110NoYesSentaiDubA male character is seen wearing boxers in class. A student hits another until he’s bloody.
Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto9The Meeting Between Sakamoto and Me // Nearest, Yet Far Person300NoNoSentaiDubA male character is seen wearing boxers in class. ***Spoiler*** A mom pretends to be her son and after gym class some guys say they want to grab some boobs but all they have here is man boobs. They then threaten to grab her boobs not knowing she’s a woman. Sakamoto stopes them with drapes that look like giant boobs in a bikini.
Hero Tales1The Destroyed Army's Howling Engraving123NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hero Tales2Military Song of Karma010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hikaru no Go44Comeback From the Brink000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go42The First to Pass000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go37The Pro Exam Begins000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go38The Challengers000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go6A Game of Beauty000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go39An Ill-Fated Moment000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go40Where Are The Victories?000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go41Three Weeks isn't Enough!000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go17Déjà Vu000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go16Who Is Sai?000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go35Only One Can Win000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go15The Ghost in the Net000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go7I'm Not Going to Play You000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go23The Championship Room000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go20The Road to Turning Pro000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go21The Haze Middle School Go Club000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go43Hikaru vs. Waya000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go22The Insei Test000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go36My Name Is...000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go34No Winning Allowed000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go27A Place to Return000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go5An Inkling of an Awakening000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go28The Young Lion's Tournament000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go29Kuwabara Hon'inbo000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go30Ogata vs. The Hon'inbo000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go31The Awful Opponent000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go32The Last Day of the Prelims000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go13A Personal Resolve000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go9Eyesore000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go3Akira Bares His Fangs000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go33We're A Team000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go26Welcome to the A-League000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go2The Key Point000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go25Fear and Impatience000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go24Akira vs. The Oza000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go1Eternal Rivals000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go19Hikaru's True Strength000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go18Akira vs. Sai000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go4Kaga of the Shogi Club000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go52Hikaru Vs. Akira000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go45Hikaru vs. Ochi000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go70Sai Was Here000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go64Keicho Flower Bowls000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go65Isumi no Go000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go46The Final Day of the Pro Exam000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go67Isumi's Test000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go68Losing By Default000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go69A Determined Visitor000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go71Making A Comeback000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go62Hiroshima's Top Player000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go72The Race is On000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go73Shindo vs. Toya000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go74Inside You000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go75That Same Old Smile000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go8Rainy Day Strategy000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go11A Very Despicable Act000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go10The Third Player000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go63I'm Never Gonna Play Again!000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go66Fateful Encounter000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go61Is Sai Really Gone?000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go54The Excitement Mounts000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go47Into The World Of the Pros000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go48Sai Vs. Meijin000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go60Farewell Hikaru000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go50Fujiwara-No-Sai000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go51Kurata 6-Dan000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go53The Acknowledgment of Sai000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go49A Game of Desperate Measures000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go55Sai Vs. Koyo Toya000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go57Let Me Play Sai!000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go56After A Millennium Comes The Answer!000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go58One-Color Go000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go59Koyo Toya Retires!000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go12No Cheating Allowed000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hikaru no Go14The Third Match000NoNoViz MediaSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast12To the Future130YesNoCrunchyrollSubthere is a short scene where you see a woman who is chained to the wall who had been beaten previously.
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast10Houhou010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast9Secret Arts120NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast111944030NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast8Infiltration110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast7Soran's Feelings411NoNoCrunchyrollSubA woman disrobes before entering the shower, as well as a few references to sex.
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast6Thunder God010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast5Welcome to Express Delivery110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast4Chaos310NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast3Lie210NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast2Master and Servant411NoNoCrunchyrollSubThere is some fan service and slight sexual overtones in one scene. In another scene a mans clothes are blown off when his energy shield is destroyed.
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast1The Chou Family's Secret?041NoNoCrunchyrollSubA woman slices apart a bunch of zombies
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 213Kourei Kenshou020NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 223Repose040NoNoCrunchyrollSubA man's limbs are cut off in a flashback
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 21Raten Taishou011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 211Sutra of Purity010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 29Qimen Kenzou Shinpou010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 28Nouyou Insou411NoNoCrunchyrollSubThe beginning of the episode recaps and continues a little bit the part of the last episode where the man flashes everybody
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 2736 Rebels411NoNoCrunchyrollSubThere are several bleeped out references to a characters manhood. At the end of the episode he gets drunk and flashes everybody. It is covered by a shining light.
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 26Bait010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 25Kitaigen Style010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 24Final010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 23Shameless010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 22Ryuukozan010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 214Suizourai010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 215Dauntless020NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 216Exorcism221NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 212An Old Enemy020NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 217Way of the Tenshi021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 218Impaction021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 219Juuni Roujoujin021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 224Beijing310NoNoCrunchyrollSubYou see the vague form of a little boy's privates.
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 220Intent to Kill131NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 221Miracle030NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 222Master041NoNoCrunchyrollSubA man's arm is cut off in battle
Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 210Fuukou Qimen121NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hotarubi no Mori eN/AN/A100NoNoUnknownSub
Howl's Moving CastleN/AN/A011NoYesDisneyDubBrief scene where Howel's towel falls off and you see a side view of his Butt
Hunter x Hunter (2011)125Great Power x And x Ultimate Power010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)92One Wish x And x Two Promises040NoNoCrunchyrollSubOpen surgery on the Queen.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)35The x True x Pass511NoNoCrunchyrollSubHisoka's Butt
Hunter x Hunter (2011)34Power x To x Avenge010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)33An x Empty x Threat013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)32A x Surprising x Win050NoNoCrunchyrollSubHisoka has both hands cut off
Hunter x Hunter (2011)31Destiny x And x Tenacity051NoNoCrunchyrollSubHisoka has his hand cut off
Hunter x Hunter (2011)30Fierce x And x Ferocious013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)29Awakening x And x Potential011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)28Nen x And x "Nen"010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)27Arrival x At x The Arena010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)26Then x and x After031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)90Interest x And x Curse010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)91The Strong x And x The Weak050YesNoCrunchyrollSubMultiple Decapitations. Queens body destroyed. Child killed and eaten off scene.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)148Until Now x and x From Now000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)37Ging x And x Gon000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)147Salvation x And x Future000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)146Chairman x And x Release011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)145Defeat x And x Reunion001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)144Approval x And x Coalition001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)143Sin x And x Claw040NoNoCrunchyrollSubPiles of bodies and Carnage
Hunter x Hunter (2011)142Needle x And x Debt041NoNoCrunchyrollSubThroat Slashed. People stabbed in head.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)141Magician x And x Butler010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)140Third Election x And x Re-election023NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)139Alluka x and x That Thing050NoNoCrunchyrollSubFlash back to squishing
Hunter x Hunter (2011)138Plea x and x Favor050NoNoCrunchyrollSubHead squished and body exploded.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)137Twelve Zodiac x In x Discussion000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)136Homecoming x And x Real Name011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)135This Day x And x This Moment000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)36A Big Debt x And x A Small Kick011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)38Reply x From x Dad000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)133Deadline x To x Live151NoNoCrunchyrollSubHead Smashed.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)54Fortunes x Aren't x Right?101NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)63A x Hard x Master?021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)62Reality? x And x Raw022NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)61Invitation x And x Friend030NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)60End x And x Beginning003NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)59Bid x And x Haste031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)94Friend x And x Journey052NoNoCrunchyrollSubDecapitation
Hunter x Hunter (2011)57Initiative x And x Law133NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)56Beloved x And x Beleaguered153NoNoCrunchyrollSubDecapitation
Hunter x Hunter (2011)55Allies x And x Lies100NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)86Promise x And x Reunion203NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)87Duel x And x Escape010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)88Rock-Paper-Scissors x And x Weakness040NoNoCrunchyrollSubA field of villains torn apart.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)89Compassion x And x Strength013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)53Fake x And x Psyche013NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)39Wish x And x Promise013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)52Assault x And x Impact153YesNoCrunchyrollSubLots of death, decapitation and maiming
Hunter x Hunter (2011)51A x Brutal x Battlefield153YesNoCrunchyrollSubLots of death, decapitation and maiming
Hunter x Hunter (2011)50Ally x And x Sword110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)49Pursuit x And x Analysis110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)48Very x Sharp x Eye000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)47Condition x And x Condition143NoYesCrunchyrollSubViolent Death of Uvo
Hunter x Hunter (2011)46Chasing x And x Waiting030NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)45Restraint x And x Vow033NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)44Buildup x To A x Fierce Battle053NoNoCrunchyrollSubLots of death, decapitation and maiming
Hunter x Hunter (2011)43A x Shocking x Tragedy051NoNoCrunchyrollSubLots of death, decapitation and maiming
Hunter x Hunter (2011)42Defend x And x Attack101NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)41Gathering x Of x Heroes103NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)40Nen x Users x Unite?010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)134The Word x Is x That Person121NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)132Flash x And x Trigger010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)65Evil Fist x And x Rock-Paper-Scissors041NoNoCrunchyrollSubLots of Death and Damage
Hunter x Hunter (2011)10Trick x To x The Trick021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)98Infiltration x And x Selection013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)97Carnage x And x Devastation453NoNoCrunchyrollSubReally skimpy top. Dismembered body.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)96A x Lawless x Home450NoNoCrunchyrollSubReally Skimpy Top. Body Crushed.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)95Grudge x And x Dread021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)1Departure x And x Friends011NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)2Test x of x Tests011NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)3Rivals x for x Survival003NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)4Hope x and x Ambition031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)5Hisoka x is x Sneaky031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)6A x Surprising x Challenge111NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)7Showdown x On x The Airship013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)8Decision x By x Majority?033NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)9Beware x Of x Prisoners013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)11Trouble x With x The Gamble051YesNoCrunchyrollSub* Spoiler * Killua cuts a characters heart out, it is shown being held in a "bag" and beating
Hunter x Hunter (2011)100Tracking x And x Pursuit053NoNoCrunchyrollSubDecapitation and neck breaking. Body torn apart by Fish.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)12Last Test x Of x Resolve053YesNoCrunchyrollSubFlashback to Episode 11
Hunter x Hunter (2011)13Letter x From x Gon051YesNoCrunchyrollSubFlashback to Episode 11
Hunter x Hunter (2011)14Hit x The x Target013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)15Scramble x Of x Deception031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)16Defeat x And x Disgrace031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)17Trap x In x The Hole023NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)18Big x Time x Interview010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)19Can't Win x But x Can't Lose013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)20Baffling Turn x Of x Events033NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)21Some x Brother x Trouble010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)22A x Dangerous x Watchdog000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)23The x Guard's x Duty021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)24The x Zoldyck x Family023NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)99Combination x And x Evolution011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)101Ikalgo x And x Lightning253NoNoCrunchyrollSubCharacter covered in Blood. Decapitation.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)131Anger x And x Light050NoNoCrunchyrollSubHead Smashed. Body Destroyed. Arm chopped off and drivin into someone's chest.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)117Insult x And x Payback023NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)130Magic x And x Despair051NoNoCrunchyrollSubCharacter holding a head. Bodies chopped in half. Arm cut off.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)129Formidable Enemy x And x Clear Objective013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)128Unparalleled Joy x And x Unconditional Love030NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)127Hostility x And x Determination130NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)126Zero x And x Rose051NoNoCrunchyrollSubArm and Leg chopped off. Character sacrifices themselves.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)93Date x With x Palm151NoNoCrunchyrollSubGuards Blasted Apart. Human brain eaten. Fingers chopped off and eaten.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)124Breakdown x And x Awakening020NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)123Centipede x And x Memory043NoNoCrunchyrollSubCentipedes buried in someone's head.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)122Pose x And x Name011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)121Defeat x And x Dignity021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)120Fake x And x Real021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)119Strong x Or x Weak011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)118A x False x Rage053NoNoCrunchyrollSubBody shot in half.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)116Revenge x And x Recovery342NoNoCrunchyrollSubArm snapped in half.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)102Power x And x Games030NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)115Duty x And x Question021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)114Divide x And x Conquer020NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)113An x Indebted x Insect051NoNoCrunchyrollSubLeg Destroyed. Heads blown off
Hunter x Hunter (2011)112Monster x And x Monster110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)111Charge x And x Invade101NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)110Confusion x And x Expectation011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)109Taking Stock x And x Taking Action112NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)108Gungi x Of x Komugi011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)107Return x And x Retire133NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)106Knov x And x Morel050NoNoCrunchyrollSubArm ripped off.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)105Resolve x And x Awakening050NoNoCrunchyrollSubArm Torn Off.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)104Doubt x And x Hesitation011NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)103Check x And x Mate011NoYesCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)64Strengthen x And x Threaten051NoNoCrunchyrollSubDecapitation
Hunter x Hunter (2011)58Signal x To x Retreat130NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)66Strategy x And x Scheme010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)6715 x 15111NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)85Light x And x Darkness050NoNoCrunchyrollSubDecapitation and Carnage
Hunter x Hunter (2011)84A x Fated x Awakening141NoNoCrunchyrollSubCarnage
Hunter x Hunter (2011)83Inspiration x To x Evolve151NoNoCrunchyrollSubDecapitation and Carnage
Hunter x Hunter (2011)82Kite x And x Slots353NoNoCrunchyrollSubDecapitation and Carnage
Hunter x Hunter (2011)81The x Fight x Begins033NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)80Evil x And x Terrible053NoNoCrunchyrollSubLots of Death and Carnage, Decapitation
Hunter x Hunter (2011)79No x Good x NGL141NoYesCrunchyrollSubLots of Death and Carnage
Hunter x Hunter (2011)78Very x Rapid x Reproduction031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)77Unease x And x Sighting020YesNoCrunchyrollSubChildren caught and Eaten off scene
Hunter x Hunter (2011)76Reunion x And x Understanding013NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)25Can't See x If x You're Blind000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)69A x Heated x Showdown053NoNoCrunchyrollSubCharacters Head Blown off
Hunter x Hunter (2011)68Pirates x And x Guesses511NoNoCrunchyrollSubHisoka's Butt and almost naked
Hunter x Hunter (2011)75Ging's Friends x And x True Friends001NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)74Victor x And x Loser051NoNoCrunchyrollSubHand Blown off
Hunter x Hunter (2011)73Insanity x And x Sanity021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)72Chase x And x Chance031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)71Bargain x And x Deal010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hunter x Hunter (2011)70Guts x And x Courage033NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Hyouka6To Commit a Grave Sin000NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka9The Furuoka Deserted Village Murder Case030NoYesBlue-RayDubDead bodies from filming movie. Character gets drunk and passes out.
Hyouka8Let's Go to the Film Preview!030NoNoBlue-RayDubstudents watch a film with a dead body
Hyouka7Have Found the Identity300NoNoBlue-RayDubHotsprings episode. A boy fantasizes about a girl in the hotsprings
Hyouka1The Revival of the Long-established Classic Literature Club001NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka5The Truth of the Historic Classic Literature Club000NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka4The Old Days of the Glorious Classic Literature Club000NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka3The Descendants of the Classic Literature Club with its Circumstances100NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka2The Activities of the Esteemed Classic Literature Club000NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka12The Thingies That are Piled up Without End000NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka11Closing Credits of the Fool030NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka10The Blind Spot of Everyone030NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka13A Corpse by Evening000NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka18Is the Mountain Range Sunny?000NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka22The Hina Doll that Took a Detour000NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka21The Homemade Chocolates Case000NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka20Sappy New Year000NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka19Anyone Who Knows000NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka17The Order of Kudryavka000NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka16The Last Target100NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka15The Juumonji Case000NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka14Wild Fire000NoNoBlue-RayDub
Hyouka: Motsubeki Mono waN/AN/A300NoNoBlue-RayDubBeach episode at a pool. A guy keeps looking at girl in bikini.
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying12Fusion Sage Day103NoYesFansubSubA character says they can hang out until 9 then everyone has to leave so she can have sex with her husband while making an obscene gesture . A husband tries to convince his wife to have sex with him but she rejects him due to work.
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying6Never Cross a Bridge Till You Come To It000NoYesFansubSubCharacter struggles to quit smoking
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying5Drunker Devil500NoYesFansubSubThe wife comes home drunk and rips off her husband's clothes then borderline rapes him. He seemed fine with this and only his face is shown. Later on they play strip Rock Paper Scissors while drunk. The wife loses takes off her shirt showing her bras then mixes her husband. They wake up in bed naked, no nipples or genitals shown
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying3My Otaku Brother Can't Have So Few Friends (Etc.)404NoNoFansubSubA character says they want to sleep with their brother with implied sex the offer is swiftly rejected. Boy love manga is discussed. A characters nickname contains f**k
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying4My Husband Primarily Works in the Year-Round Home Surveillance Business503NoNoFansubSub*spoilers* a character yells at another because they were dating their brother when it was implied they were a female. He complains about them having "A palm tree and coconuts" and they are shown nude from the back turning around with the penis blurred.
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying13Me, Her, and Another000NoNoFansubSub
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying8I'll Become a Pro Golfer400NoNoFansubSubNothing in episode but end credits now more explicitly naked bathing each other with strategically placed bubbles
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying11One Person Had Survived On Her Own100NoYesFansubSubSome mild camera angles and a woman in a towel
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying2Surpass Gender and Blood. Come Forth, Otokonoko...303NoNoFansubSub*spoilers* a character discovers they are being used as a character in their brothers boy love manga and the content and cover art is shown. The character proposes taking a bath with their brother lewdly.
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying10The Child Who Is So Close Yet So Far Away300NoNoFansubSubA women is seen taking a bath. You see the top of her boobs in water and her back and butt when she gets out.
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying9Slathering Honey on the Best Pancakes Ever100NoYesFansubSubAn otaku's room is seen win anime girl statues and posters
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying1How I Got Into Hobbies I Don't Understand403NoNoFansubSubThe show is about newly weds so their physics relationship is discussed. It explicitly states they had a lot of sex in their honeymoon after the wife is shown in a bikini. The wife finds several henti magazines and yells at her husband about it. The end credits features a married couple in a Bath tub seen from the side.
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying7What Happened When I Turned My Back to the Path I Was Used To and Started Running200NoNoFansubSubA guy takes off his shirt during dinner for no apparent reason
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying: 2nd Thread8Mayotama's Explosive Appearance010NoYesFansubSub
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying: 2nd Thread9Made a Wish, It got True, and I got in Trouble103NoYesFansubSubA character organizes him manga into Moe and fap (large breasted) categories.
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying: 2nd Thread7Kaoru and Her Husband003NoYesFansubSub
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying: 2nd Thread11The Weight of Value, and the Value of Weight000NoNoFansubSub
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying: 2nd Thread6Sabinuki Girlfriend113NoNoFansubSubWhile nothing shown a girl lifts up her skirt at a guy and there is some innuendo
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying: 2nd Thread5Take me to the Ryokan303NoYesFansubSubHot springs episode with talk of birth control and guys who look like women
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying: 2nd Thread13Happy Days000NoNoFansubSub
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying: 2nd Thread12Baby Skip Beat400NoNoFansubSubBath scene with strings covers by camera angles
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying: 2nd Thread4I Only Draw Free013NoNoFansubSubDiscussions are had about boy love manga as well as a man mentioning breaking his wife's heimen
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying: 2nd Thread3Husband and Wife's XXX404NoNoFansubSubA couple is shown naked but all nudity is covered. One use of F work and some other minor profanity.
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying: 2nd Thread2Snipe Better000NoNoFansubSubA couple kiss
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying: 2nd Thread1Wriggling Memories013NoNoFansubSubA woman punches her husband in the crotch for trying to take pictures of school girls. A man searches for sex penis and boobs with his voice assistance. It is stated a married couple have lots of sex though nothing is shown
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying: 2nd Thread10Fool Couple001NoYesFansubSub
Isekai Cheat Magician1Lost Ones from Another World431NoYesCrunchyrollSub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)1Dio the Invader031NoYesBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)14Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times153NoYesBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)16Lisa Lisa, Hamon Coach011NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)2A Letter From the Past041NoYesBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)4Overdrive051NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)13JoJo vs. The Ultimate Lifeform153NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)12The Pillar Man453NoNoBlue-RayDubNazi's molest some women and force them to lift up their skirts.
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)3Youth With Dio051NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)11The Game Master352NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)10New York's JoJo031NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)9The Final Ripple!151NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)8Bloody Battle! JoJo & Dio153NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)7Sorrowful Successor053NoYesBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)6Tomorrow's Courage053NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)5The Dark Knights053NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)15A Hero's Proof033NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)22A True Warrior053NoYesBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)17The Deeper Plan151NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)21A Hundred Against Two053NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)19A Race Toward the Brink053NoYesBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)26The Ascendant One052NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)25The Birth of a Superbeing042NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)24The Ties that Bind JoJo053NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)23The Warrior of Wind053NoNoBlue-RayDub
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)18Von Stroheim's Revenge453NoYesBlue-RayDubLots of rear female nudity and near frontal nudity though obscured by towel, limbs, etc.
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)20Young Caesar053NoYesBlue-RayDub
Jyu-Oh-Sei: Planet of the Beast King11Hope040NoNoCrunchyrollSubSeveral people are killed by plants, one man shoots himself off screen as a sacrifice.
Jyu-Oh-Sei: Planet of the Beast King10Nightmare031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Jyu-Oh-Sei: Planet of the Beast King9Beast King031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Jyu-Oh-Sei: Planet of the Beast King8Depths000NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Jyu-Oh-Sei: Planet of the Beast King7Independence020NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Jyu-Oh-Sei: Planet of the Beast King6White Wolf Demon040NoNoCrunchyrollSubMany people are killed in battle
Jyu-Oh-Sei: Planet of the Beast King5Duel031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Jyu-Oh-Sei: Planet of the Beast King4Challenge030NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Jyu-Oh-Sei: Planet of the Beast King3Companion030NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Jyu-Oh-Sei: Planet of the Beast King2Ochre Ring030NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Jyu-Oh-Sei: Planet of the Beast King1Fate031NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler9The Dreaming Woman000NoNoNetflixSub
Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler5The Woman Who Became Human203NoNoNetflixSub
Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler1A Woman Named Yumeko Jabami101NoNoNetflixSub
Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler11The Woman Who Bets Her Life053NoNoNetflixSubNails Torn Off, Sexual References
Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler10Selective Woman000NoNoNetflixSub
Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler8Idol Woman100NoNoNetflixSub
Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler7Refusing Women400NoNoNetflixSubHighly Sexualized Posturing
Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler6Tempting Woman520NoNoNetflixSubSelf Fondling
Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler4The Woman Who Became Livestock505NoYesNetflixSubMasterbation, attempted rape
Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler3Slit-Eyed Woman001NoNoNetflixSub
Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler12Gambling Woman500NoNoNetflixSubNear Nudity, Inferences to masterbation
Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler2A Boring Woman001NoNoNetflixSub
Kaze no Stigma4The Contractor330NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kaze no Stigma3The Head of the Kannagi Family010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kaze no Stigma18Tokyo RPG110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kaze no Stigma5The One Who Casts Aside Doubt311NoNoCrunchyrollSubYou see an inappropriate advertisement, and there is a short fantasy with a half dressed man and woman lying on top of each other
Kaze no Stigma15Catherine Returns110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kaze no Stigma19Pandemonium110NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kaze no Stigma20The Remnant of the Emerald231NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kaze no Stigma21The Raging Wind Mage131NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kaze no Stigma22Determination and Hesitation320NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kaze no Stigma23The Crimson Flame030NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kaze no Stigma24Protectors of the Wind421NoNoCrunchyrollSubYou see flashes of a naked woman being sacrificed
Kaze no Stigma17How to Defeat a Magic User321NoNoCrunchyrollSubThis episode starts with a guy trying to take inappropriate sports shots of girls, and finding cameras he hid in their locker room.
Kaze no Stigma14Another Ayano Disaster220NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kaze no Stigma6The Price of Power431NoNoCrunchyrollSub*Spoiler: You see several people be killed by goo. Later you see a girl get undressed to absorb their souls through her skin. The animators also decided they like short upskirt peeks.
Kaze no Stigma13Let's Go to the Amusement Park!420NoNoCrunchyrollSubThe episode starts with Ayano in the shower, and moves through her getting ready for the day. Later there is a short clip of 2 girls changing
Kaze no Stigma16Father and Son310NoNoCrunchyrollSubThis episode takes place in a hot spring
Kaze no Stigma11Each Decision020NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kaze no Stigma10The One to be Protected021NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kaze no Stigma9Meeting Under the Moon010NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kaze no Stigma8Ayano's Disaster210NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kaze no Stigma7The Cost of a Soul431NoNoCrunchyrollSubYou see the goo girl without clothes again
Kaze no Stigma12Confession Under the Moon131NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kaze no Stigma2Confrontation With the Past420NoNoCrunchyrollSubThere is a short bath scene with a girl talking to herself
Kaze no Stigma1Return of the Wind231NoNoCrunchyrollSub
Kiki's Delivery ServiceN/AN/A