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Anime (31) by <a href="" target="_blank">Peter Pham</a>
Anime (31) by Peter Pham

As we found out after "finishing" our chores, how clean something is, can be very subjective. Here at Clean Anime, we aim to be 100% transparent on how to do our ratings. Although we're not looking to do battle on the finer points of "cleanliness", if you feel we're missing something huge, Contact Us


0 - No obvious “Fanservice”
1 - Deliberate Cleavage, excessively “tight” clothing, inappropriate camera angles/focus
2 - “Panty” shots, ”Accidental” Boob “grab”, Several Instances of 1, Innocent “Skin” scenes
3 - “Beach Scenes”, excessive occurrences of 1 and 2, Non-Sexual “Skin” scenes or butts, Non-Sexual boob grabs
4 - Excessive “skin” or “near” nudity, overtly “sexual” posturing or actions
5 - Sexual Nudity or “off scene” sexual acts


0 - No Blood or only mild blood not resulting from violence
1 - Excessive Blood not resulting from violence, mild blood resulting from violence, brief violent “exchanges”
2 - “off scene” killings
3 - Excessive Blood, “on scene” killings, “off scene” torture, dead bodies (from violence)
4 - Characters “covered” in blood, Graphically depicted wounds
5 - Maiming, dismemberment, decapitation, “on scene” torture


0 - No obvious use of inappropriate or explicit language
1 - 1-4 occurrences of “S**t”, “H*ll”, “Da*n”, “A**”
2 - 5-14 occurrences of the words in 1
3 - 15+ occurrences of the words in 1 or 1-4 occurrences of “B**ch”, “B***ard”, obvious racial slurs, verbal references to sexual acts or references to genitalia
4 - 5+ occurrences of the words in 3, 1 occurrence of “F**k”
5 - 2+ occurrences of “F**k”, or explicit verbal descriptions of sexual acts

Disturbing Imagery

Rape scenes, child abuse, “intense” scenes of self violence, etc.

Substance Use

Consumption or use of Drugs, Alcohol, tobacco, etc.

Composite Score

The Composite score is created by taking the 5 rating categories, applying a weighting, and averaging. The weighting is applied as follows:


Weight of 5 - Worst Fanservice, Worst Violence, and Disturbing Imagery
Weight of 3 - Worst Language
Weight of 2 - Substance Use


Weight of 5 - Disturbing Imagery
Weight of 4 - Worst Fanservice Episode, Worst Violence Episode
Weight of 2 - Worst Language Episode and Substance Use
Weight of 1 - Average Fanservice per Episode, Average Violence per Episode, Average Language per Episode