This is where we keep the answers to all those "tough" questions that crop up from time to time.


Why did you start Clean Anime?

Simply put, we're passionate about Anime that we can watch "guilt free". For a little more info, feel free to learn a little more About Us

How do you come up with these Ratings?

All our reviewers use a standard Rating System

What if I disagree with your Rating approach?

We're sorry to hear that! We do our best to make our Rating System as transparent as possible. We know everyone places different emphasis on different types of cleanliness. Our goal is to provide you with a standard breakdown of what's in each Anime so you can decide what's appropriate for you and your family. If you feel we've totally missed something crucial, Contact Us!

I love what you're doing, can I help?

You sure can! Although we're not looking to expand our team of reviewers at this time, we could very much use your help spreading the word! Feel free to head on over to Facebook and follow us there where we occasionally post updates of what's going on.