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The Anime Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings, comprised of 12 Episodes, aired in 2009. It has a score of 7.35 on MyAnimeList and a MAL rating of PG-13 – Teens 13 or older.

A quick synopsis of the story:
In the Sengoku period, the struggle for power and unification has brought endless bloodshed to the unstable Japan. Out of all the warring generals, Nobunaga Oda—the “Demon King of Owari”—has established himself as the strongest ruler. Friend or foe, he is determined to crush anyone who stands in his way of creating a tyrannical central government. The only two who dare rebel against Oda are the “One-eyed Dragon of Oshu” Masamune Date, and the distinguished but hot-blooded warrior of the Takeda clan, Yukimura Sanada. Though they share the goal of preventing Oda from unifying the domains, Masamune and Yukimura cannot see eye-to-eye. Equally skilled in combat, mutual admiration for one another causes these two feuding warriors to forge a fierce rivalry, thwarting any attempts to form a united front against the Demon King of Owari. With Oda’s forces closing in on their respective territories, Masamune and Yukimura reluctantly learn to put aside their differences and fight together against the threatening usurpator. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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1Azure and Crimson, A Fateful Encounter!140NoYesFunimationDub
2Horrific! Confrontation at Okehazama141NoYesFunimationDubA couple of horses are decapitated on screen with less graphic deaths for humans.
3Vagabond, Maeda Keiji!111NoNoFunimationDub
4Wavering Scarlet Flower - Loyalty that Brings Sorrow!130NoNoFunimationDub
5Brutal! The Righteous Battle of Nagashino and Shitaragahara!131NoNoFunimationDub
6Bonds Torn Asunder - Mortifying Retreat for Masamune!131NoNoFunimationDub
7Marauding Villain! Two Dragons Duel in Earnest Under the Moon!120NoNoFunimationDub
8Great Temple of Carnage! Kojuro's in Dire Straits!130NoNoFunimationDub
9The Tiger of Kai Dies at Midaigawa!131NoNoFunimationDub
10Yukimura Beyond Recovery?! The Date Army's Tearful Disbandment!121NoNoFunimationDub
11Mitsuhide's Betrayal! Honnoji Temple Goes Up in Flames!131NoYesFunimationDub
12Azuchi Castle Keep - A Fight to the Death for Tomorrow131NoNoFunimationDub